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About false claims and the FCC

Fraudulent claims are a violation of FCC rules and is illegal. Any claims made on this stock investment site are founded on documented financial records and the historical experience and proven results of the extraordinary investor.

Please Note: On this free site I fully reveal the investment strategies of the Extraordinary Investor that specialize in rocket stocks. My name is Steven Thompson. My email is: Feel free to email me.

Purpose of this Site

My purpose for building this site is to reveal the proven strategies of the worlds top rocket stock investors in a way that will help any seeking reader to become a successful investor of penny stocks.

Rocket Stocks are those penny stocks that explode in value seemingly without warning. Then such stocks usually plunge in price again within hours, day, or weeks.

These are the type of trends that pennystocks are known for - the kind of trends that every trader of penny stocks hopes to capture because of the huge per trade profits possible. 30% to well over 1000% profits are realistic.

The profits that can be made by rocket stocks are unlike any other form of investing... and can easily double or triple your investment off of just one trade.

Rocket stock trends elude most traders.

Trend traders will lose money trying to hitch a ride on a rocket stock already in progress - very risky.

The extraordinary investor profits off the risks most other traders take with those explosive trending stocks.

This site shows you:

  • what those risks are
  • why rocket stocks - which are the most profitable trends by far.
  • how to locate, target and trade rocket stocks for consistent, low risk, most profitable trades then anything else I am aware of.

World's TOP Strategies that
Consistently Capture HUGE Low Risk Profits
from Rocket Stock Trends

How many penny stocks have You seen jump 30%, 50% or even 1,000% or More?

How many of these explosive trends did you profit from??

Unfortunately missing the boat on rocket stocks happens most of the time to 97% of investors . . . But what about the other 3%???

Are you looking for a genuinely helpful stock investment site that will really show you how to invest like the top 3% penny stock traders - the extraordinary investors?

All Aboard! . . .

Catching a Ride on a Rocket Stock...

Before it takes off!

The purpose of this free site is to show the reader . . .

How I accurately and consistently locate, invest in, and trade Penny Stocks that have the Highest Potential to Explode in Value for the Highest Profits and Lowest Risk by far Per Trade than any other Stock Investment or Trading Method.

This Site is Unique - unlike anything else you will see

This is the only site that teaches the hidden strategies of the top rocket stock traders. Such investment strategies insure that the Extraordinary Investor will screen, target, research, and then invest in high potential sleeper penny stocks before they explode in value.

Then such trader sells at the right time to capture safe consistent huge profits off the risk most other traders take.

The trades are short to medium term (within the same day and up to 3 months with some exceptions.

If You are looking to be a very successful trader of penny stocks, and If you need to change your life for the better, then you are going to need this site - and its free to serve you.

This is a complete trading system of investment strategies of the Extraordinary Investor customized specifically for rocket stock trends. This information is presently free for the taking on this site only.

• This site contains specific penny stock investment strategies specializing in rocket stocks proven successful.

• This is NOT another general information site about stocks or investing.

• This is NOT a scam site - I am not here to take your hard earned money. No credit card info is required. No gimmicks.

• This is NOT another technical trading site with pages of graphs and formulas but little content that works.

This is a free information on demand site with information designed to reprogram your mind for success similar to brainwashing. This is all explained as you read on.

Personal Testimony: The novel investment strategies and approach contained on this site is a breath of fresh air from all the stocks sites on the web that promise successful trading but are really scams designed to use investors for selfish gain. Curtis Michalak - investor.

To briefly give you a specific example of your potential success using this system...

Of the 20 most promising stocks on my personal list of 50 select biotech penny stocks that I track, even if I go back as far as early June 2009 during the worst of the recession, almost 45% of the companies' share prices have gained over 25% in just 5 days (June 1 - June 6) of selecting those top penny stocks.

Observe the first five of the stocks on my June 2009 personal 20 hot stock list in alphabetical order without deleting any stocks in between.

(ACAD) $1.90 on June 2 / $2.50 on June 6
(ANX) .11 cents on June 3 / .15 cents on June 6

(AFFX) $4.83 on June 2 / $6.11 on June 6

(ACEL.PK) .15 cents on June 1 / .26 cents on June 6

(ALTU) .31 cents on June 3 / .47 cents on June 5

Did all 20 of the stocks I was following go up like this within a week or even at all? No; however, this site shows you:

• how to screen for high potential rocket stocks to place on your personal hot stock list and avoid the dud or scam stocks

• how and when to choose the best of the best stocks on your personal list to invest in to reap the greatest potential profit on an rocket stock trends so common with penny stocks.

Seem impossible?

Not impossible for 3% of penny stock investors.

Will you likely buy and sell at just the right time to capture all the profits from the bottom to the top of the explosive trend? No; however, this site shows you:

• how to locate rocket stocks with the greatest potential to explode in value soon

• when to buy and sell those rocket stocks to capture most of the profits from such explosive moves

• how to take advantage of the risks 97% others take. The risk to you is very low.

This site will explain and reveal everything.

NOTE: I am not concerned that too many investors will read and use this knowledge. Statistically, that will not happen - less than 1% will actually follow through. This free information is here for those who are wise and humble enough to take hold of the opportunity and really need a break.

This is not a gimmick.

• You are not asked for your credit card information to view this information on demand site. No malicious malware or other gimmicks that track you or identify you. I respect your right to search the net without compromising your privacy.

• You need not buy any future products to become a successful trader.

Products and Ads

A couple products will be offered as additional aids to you, but not necessary to be successful.

In addition, I may allow on topic ads in my site from third parties. While gaining a broad base of information is beneficial, you are not required to view any of these ads.

This Site is Your Key to Success

This free information is all you need to become a very successful penny stock investor of rocket stocks IF you agree to the following conditions...

• You must read every page of this site from beginning to end as this site directs you without skipping around, because that is how this site was specially designed to work for your benefit.

• You must open your mind and surrender yourself to being directed and re-programmed by this site for success.

• You must use this information to invest in penny stocks, but only after you have completed the journey this site will take you.

If you agree to this, then you will succeed.

I am honored to be your servant for your success.

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