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Blue EI, Issue #001 -- teaser here
July 29, 2018

Greetings to all extraordinaryinvestor students.

I hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the summer.

Every person is unique, so the levels of success, issues and activity each of you find yourself are unique to you, even though they are common in general. There is wide variation.

This is a test message. I am preparing for my blog launch in the coming months. I feel the blog could serve a very important function to EI members on many different levels.

The Blog would allow EI members to meet and brainstorm, encourage, teach, learn, build friendships, and so much more is possible. So, I feel the blog could be quite helpful.

I have been putting the blog off for quite a while because of, mostly, other personal responsibilities with family, and because of my own level of urgency and psyche, and because I wasn't sure the interest was there for it for the majority of EI members. But all these roadblocks are not to be an issue any longer. I intend to now make this available for any benefits derived for the EI Tribe. So, if that does interest you, then stay tuned.

I also want to make sure the newsletter function works properly.

Regarding penny stocks to watch:

I've been advising any members, for over a year, to monitor Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP) and Avita (AVMXY)... Monitor ELTP, as they do plan another phase 3 FDA study soon.

AVITA - AVMXY, jumped from around 80 cents to 1.26 recently on some exciting news as they prepare for a likely FDA approval of their very needed product.

If AVMXY stock drops in price again to around 90 cents, or maybe up to $1, then this is a great time to buy some shares. You could set a limit order to buy at a specific price so you do not miss any opportunity to purchase shares.

Although the likeliness is that the FDA will approve Avita's product (and the stock will explode) the chance remains that the FDA will not approve, so you want to limit your risk of a plunge by buying at a bottom.

ELTP is still trading around 10 cents, so still time to pick of shares of that if you so feel inclined. But no guarantees the FDA will approve their product.

I was excited about ELTP's abuse deterrent opioid product in development, but now wonder if the FDA is still interested in this avenue of preventing opioid abuse. So, some risk here.

Blessings, and more news on the way as I prepare to publish my blog.

Continue onward and be Extraordinary : )


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