Best Investment Trait is. . .

The Mysterious Sixth Sense of
Successful Penny Stock Investing

This Best Investment Trait is a precious possession of all independently wealthy penny stock investors, and you won't have to pay one red cent to learn and master it. But you will have to continue the Journey this site is taking you. That is an investment of your time that will pay you BIG dividends for the rest of your life.

With this trait developed, you will become the goose that lays the golden eggs - the Origin and Master of your destiny.

The Investor's Best Investment Trait is two-fold:

1. The development of the Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing

2. Always invests in stocks that all research indicates is trading at an extreme bargain... This is an investor character trait if you develop this into a habit. Read "2." again and apply it as if your life depended on it.

The two-fold investor's Best Investment trait as just given is the all important Investment Strategy of this system of investing that must be fully ingrained in your conscious and subconscious thought to become an Extraordinary Investor.

When you fully develop the Best Investment Trait, then you will

  • eliminate the need for complex risky technical data.
  • ensure that you take advantage of the risks others take.
  • ensure a profitable trade to the highest degree possible.
  • ensure that you will not become emotionally drained and over-anxious about your investments - you will be in control.
  • ensure you will not be a victim of all the penny stock scams flooding the internet - You will be The Master.
  • ensure that you will enjoy investing and earning rewards for many years to come.

Development of the Best Investment - The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing. . . The basic definition:

The extraordinary investor will take all the time necessary in the world to systematically study and understand a company's fundamental data including its market, the broader market, the economy, political environment, investor and public perceptions, relations, and needs, etc., and compare/confirm with simple technical indicators whenever possible.

After all study is complete, such an investor must possess a full understanding of the stock of focus, knowing what to look for. If you leave anything out, your mind will be working with flawed data.

Given the correct information, such investor must rightly experience a deep down good feeling that this particular company is one of the best bargains on the block.

This said feeling is based on the accurate understanding such investor obtains from all the technical and fundamental facts and evidence. . .

With such study complete, the Mind of Understanding pieces it all together into an accurate picture of potentiality for that stock.

The Extraordinary Investor will then be able to accurately make that unregretful decision to invest in the company of focus. . .

This entire process as defined, along with experience,

  • trains the emotions to react on reality, and
  • leads to the Development of the Mysterious 6th Sense of Extraordinary Investing, and
  • gives the investor the ability to Read Between the Lines with uncanny accuracy. 

NOTE: Reading Between the Lines is the ability to see a stock's high potential to become a rocket stock.

For instance. . .

Recent news warns that a particular stock will be delisted from the Nasdaq if the stock price does not trade over a dollar within 15 days. This news causes the shares to plummet to their all time historical lows.

While, on the surface, this news appears very ominous, will that stock really be delisted?

To find out with a high degree of accuracy, you want to look at some important fundamental assets of the company:

  • Has this company successfully dealt with ominous news in the past?
  • How important and seemingly effective are their novel products in development compared to the competition?
  • Do they have strong VIP support, alliances, and interested parties?
  • Would a competitor of similar technology benefit by forming a lucrative agreement with such company?
  • Is financing intact for at least 3 months, with good chances of further reasonable financing options?
  • Can management communicate well with media as needed?
  • Has management historically shown itself to be adaptable and resilient in the face of negative news?
  • Will management use a reverse stock split to bring share prices over $1, and is this wise fundamentally?

These are the kinds of fundamental assets I want to look at. And, if all looks good, then I will use this asset evaluation to read between the lines the likely outcome of the ominous appearing news.

If all looks super for the stock after my evaluation, then I would read into this seemingly negative news that the company will secure a means to raise its share price before the deadline or will be in a solid position to reverse split its shares without causing much investor panic. This stock I will then buy as a best investment despite the recent negative news.

By investing at an all time low, with a stop limit, on seemingly ominous news, I position myself to conservatively triple my investment if I correctly judge the outcome based on all available data.

What if I Misjudged the Stock?

If I lose, and the stock receives a statement that it will be delisted; then, because the stock is already trading at an all time low, I will likely get stopped out at a reasonable price.

Is the risk worth it? YES! This is a reasonable extraordinary strategy of creating wealth in penny stocks. This is how we determine the best investment potential of a target penny stock.

This is called, "Reading Between the Lines" a successful outcome to an otherwise seemingly dim picture.

All this information is what the Mind of Understanding needs to feed on and sleep on to fully make sense of and piece together all the information.

You will then fully comprehend a company enough to realistically judge if such company is trading at a bargain, and whether it is worthy to invest in and when. 

Specialization for Phenomenal Success

When you specialize in a sector of stocks, and when you specialize in the stock of your choice, in the way that was just briefly defined, and in the way this site is showing you and will show you, then the best investment of the Extraordinary Investor becomes a reality...

The Development of the Mysterious Sixth Sense 
of Successful Penny Stock Investing.

In brief this means you will be able to accurately predict or foresee the future potential of that penny stock of focus that you understand to be presently trading at a bargain. 

"Reading Between the Lines" is a Sixth Sense investor trait that comes with experience in specializing in the stocks of your focus using the information on this site.

Reading Between the Lines, as previously discussed, is the ability to logically look at fundamental data about a company within it's broader context, along with any technical data, and actually discern

  • whether a stock is trading at a bargain
  • the most likely future outcome of seemingly negative events that, on the service, make other investors bail out.

If such investor has overestimated a stock's potential, the worst that will happen is that profits will be lowered, or a small loss incurred.

The most likely scenario is that you will be invested in a company's stock that will explode in value in due time. Maybe a day, a few days or weeks to even a month or even three months will go by until the marketeers begin marketing the stock, and/or until more investors learn about the company through media.

The Stock must explode in value if your research was done correctly, and if you invested in such company at bargain prices.

So be patient.

Don't be fooled when the stock prices may take a temporary plunge once or even several times. Don't be surprised if the share prices become choppy and volume of trading (buying and selling) increases and then decreases. All this is bound to happen, but that will NEVER keep a super stock down for long.

In due time you will reap your harvest... And great will be your reward!

What has just been defined will be described in detail later.

Greed and impatience will slaughter you like a pig going to market. Do not gamble your wealth.

Read the above several times and understand it.

You have completed this subtopic on the Best Investment - The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing

One more subtopic remains on this topic of Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing - that is the Investor Password.

After you complete reading about the Investor Password, it will then be time to gain an understanding of your first of many lessons on the details of the Strategies of this system of investing.

What you received presently is an overview of the strategies. Now you will learn them by example and in detail so you will understand how to duplicate success 

Technical Analysis and detailed fundamental analysis will be the next major topics of study after you read about the Investor Password.

Do not skip these sections even if you think you know all about this topic. Remember, I said this site is unique. . .

This site is your best investment for future investment success.

Continue, when you are ready.

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