Review and Instructions on Your Journey Forward toward Successful Penny Stock Trading


You have completed all the lessons that come before the Blue Button.

You wisely saw the value in completely studying this site.  You have studied all the lessons necessary to aid your development into that extraordinary investor.  

I have done my best to build the site to guide you through this process to completion.

I am aware of those who are gaining success in their investment goals using the proven penny stock strategies as the foundation.

I am also aware that others who have studied the EI site are still having difficulties implementing the strategies to achieve the success they hope for.

This topic will address your concerns and will provide directions on which to continue your Journey to Successful Penny Stock Trading.

You are a mystery because of the extraordinary knowledge you now possess. 

You are in a small class of stock traders who also have intimate knowledge of the proven strategies of the extraordinary investor. . . 

However, only about 3% actually follow through with this knowledge, creating in them the talent to become that extraordinary investor. These are the ones who invest in rocket stocks that earn them huge rewards like no other stocks are capable of.

The extraordinary investor conservatively doubles his/her entire investments yearly.  

As you faithfully continue on Your Journey forward, You will be one of the Chosen who will go on to master the skills necessary to change your life for the better.  

So, don't stop now, you are closer than ever.

How to create within you the Talent to become that Extraordinary Investor. . . 

Your journey does not stop here. . .

Success is only achieved by the following: 

• correct knowledge which this site provides for you, 

• proper preparation/rehearsal and experience using that knowledge as your guide,

• creatively growing and adapting through continual use of the knowledge/strategies learned - through your successes as well as your trials and failures... All of this works to develop and sharpen the Mind for success. 

• Repetitive use of your new skills will develop in you intimate understanding of all the strategies.  You will, therefore, achieve progressively better results.

• adapting to that skill knowledge through experience will eventually create an expert within you.

In addition, I share with you some Universal Rules you must follow in your life to bring Your Journey to its Successful Outcome...

How to Achieve Dreams/Goals in Life

"99% of those who fail are those who make excuses."  George Washington Carver

You must develop the capacity to:

  • remain focused on Your Vision for success
  • adapt
  • creatively work through failures with novel/better approaches
  • remain confident and believing

This represents the highest quality of every person who attains outstanding success in any calling.

The seven principles to attain what you desire:

Principle ONE

  • Pursue a dream or vision of something you truly believe in, and make your own. . .
  • Overcome fears by continually filling your mind with reasons for believing.
  • Your dream or vision addresses basic needs/fears/desires – your own and/or that of societies
  • You feel excited about
  • You desire to achieve above anything else
  • You are determined to take action now – (No procrastination).

… something which all evidence shows will be successful if you fully pursue it to its fulfillment...

… something you feel so strongly about achieving that you are definitely willing to devote your time and effort to see it through to completion.

Principle TWO

Let the thoughts of your success, and how to attain it, be the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual and physical environment.

"Your only limitation is the one which you set up in your mind."  Napoleon Hill

Principle THREE

Mastery over self - put aside fears, habits, vices, doubts, and everything that drains time and momentum and causes you to procrastinate, so that you may pursue your dream with Focus.

Principle FOUR

Prevent any frivolous distractions of your time, concentration, energy, and creativity within your social context.  Be continuously aware how you use your time.

Principle FIVE

Think upon positive rather than negative thought-habits, and the benefits thereof.  This includes praying to God for His continued guidance to see dream/vision through to completion.  Making these your habits guarantees Your creative energy to continue flowing onward toward achieving goal.  

Ask yourself,

“How may I overcome this or that obstacle?"


“Why are my doubts unrealistic?”

Principle SIX

Be adaptable with perseverance – Learn from your own life and that of others how to overcome misfortunes, setbacks, and failures.  Use this knowledge to fully develop the Master Plan in achieving ultimate success.

Remember also, that no experience is a failure if you learn and grow from it.

When plans do not work as planned, then adapt and recreate a better plan that overcomes the failure without changing your purpose - your ultimate dream/goal.

"With every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage."  Napoleon Hill

Principle SEVEN

Carefully learn and plan everything, comparing with competition, before you act in real time.  What you strive to do to achieve success must be something you enjoy and/or find satisfaction in accomplishing...  and genuinely feel and know is better than what presently exists.

Correct Experience

Besides those seven basic principles of success, You must gain experience wielding the tools of extraordinary investing by doing the following:

• Practice screening stocks in your specialty sector of stocks to get a feel for them.  Use the strategies revealed to you to locate those quality high potential stocks worth investigating further.

• The stock screener called FinViz is probably the most useful free aid for that purpose today.  

Finviz is very quick, convenient, and easy to use. Even so, FinVis will not list all the penny stocks within the limits you set, but will list more than the others do.  Perhaps the paid version is more in depth.

• Target those quality penny sleeper stocks trading at historic lows that fundamental, and basic technical assets reveal (which I have repeatedly listed) have truly great potential.  These are the same type of stocks that marketeers target for future promotions.  

• The high potential sleeper stocks you are locating and targeting come from the following sources: 

     . . . a stock sector that is out of favor, 

     . . . a stock sector that has plunged in value for several years due to economic or other circumstances but seems the trend will reverse soon, 

     . . . a high quality penny stock that has recently plunged in value due to a stock basher campaign, 

     . . . a high quality penny stock that plunged over seemingly bad news over a number of different things, but is not bad news to the overall quality of the stock and its developments as determined by good fundamental analysis, 

     . . . news of new financing that would dilute shares for an otherwise high quality penny stock, 

     . . . a seemingly negative SEC report on an otherwise high quality penny stock, 

     . . . a high quality penny stock that fell out of favor because no new news for months. 

     . . . a high quality penny stock with novel high demand products in development that appear better than what presently exists but has not yet received media attention.

• Only a good study of fundamental assets of each company will tell you whether seemingly negative news is really a disguise that fools most traders into selling an otherwise high quality stock.  

Such negative news will not limit the vast potential of the stock to overcome such news. The stocks you are locating are high potential rocket stocks that are presently sleepers.

• Some marketeers only target scam stocks and falsely promote them to naive investors with exaggerated claims. A method exists to make money from trading off of these types of stocks too. . . 

However, that is not the purpose of this site.  At a future time I will show how to successfully trade scam stocks to those in the Inner Circle.  Trading scam stocks are riskier... but with greater risk comes greater reward.  

Purpose of

This site's purpose is to help you safely and consistently earn more money from penny stock trading then from any of the other non-penny stocks.  You will be able to achieve this success at low risk. 

In addition, the penny stock trading taught on this site simultaneously promotes your well being as an individual and the well being of the world. So, this too is part of the correct experience you will need.

• Create a list of about 50 of those exciting high quality sleeper penny stocks with great potential to turn into rocket stocks in the near future.

• Narrow down that list to about 5 to 15 of the most high potential penny stocks, as identified through proper research, and create a new list to place those stocks on for practice investing - paper trading.

• Paper  trade some of the best of those stocks.  The best of those stocks are those that are trading at historic lows; yet, are truly quality stocks with novel products in development that solidly meets current demand. 

Paper trading is making believe you are actually trading those stocks with real money in your account and see how you would fair if that was real money on the line.  More on that later.

After all your research is complete on that target stock, you must confidently feel that those target stocks have the greatest potential to explode in value soon.  

Keep practicing paper trading until most of your trades are consistently earning at least some profit, and very few are significant losers.

Strategically place stops on your paper trade orders as insurance to prevent serious losses should the trend turn against you.

If the trend turns against you, you must find out why that happened.

Did you miss something?  

Did you follow the proven strategies as discussed?  

What can you learn from what happened so you can use that knowledge to be more successful? . . .

That experiential knowledge is precious for your growth!  You are now learning how to analyze penny stocks, how they react in real life, and how to fit the strategies correctly to diminish risks and create more successful trades. No book on earth can replace experience.

Real-Time Trading...

After you are confident in your ability to select penny stocks to invest in, try investing a little real money into some of those stocks.

Keep practicing until you gain a good feel for what you are doing that works.

You are on your way to become an extraordinary investor.

You are developing your Mind of Understanding to become that most excellent investor of penny stocks. 

Paper Trading - No Risk Invaluable Experience: 

The best way to gain that experience using the extraordinary trading strategies is the no risk way - and that is through paper-trading. 

Paper trade (vitural trading) as if you were actually using real money to trade penny stocks on your broker site.  Your broker site may even offer a paper trading account to help you practice before making real time trades. 

Trade on paper first.  You want to practice, experiment, explore, and test these proven strategies; and so, develop your mind to work this all out correctly.  

You will build confidence in your new abilities to invest successfully in penny stocks as you begin to accurately target and invest in such stocks profitably on paper. This is the kind of confidence you want to experience, and must experience, before you move onto real time trading.

Mistakes are Opportunities to Grow to be Successful

Any mistakes you make during this time is risk free.  The mistakes are learning experiences to help you more accurately tune into these penny stocks, allowing your mind the training it requires to adjust to and understand how to utilize the strategies to accurately choose and trade stocks successfully.

You are also testing your ability to follow through with the strategies as revealed on this site.  

The effort you take to do a complete analysis does not take that long, and will become shorter as you gain more experience doing this.  

Persistence and continued faith guarantees success

If you continue in this manner, the rewards are enormous for your growth, success and confidence.

[Correct Knowledge + Correct Experience = Successful Trading + Correct Confidence] = Huge Consistent Low Risk Profits in due time.

Everything you learn to do successfully in this life requires continual rehearsing and adapting.  Successful penny stock trading is no different in that respect.

You want to be able to have confidence in your ability to correctly locate, target, research and screen penny stocks for those high potential ones that will create wealth for you.

Gaining experience using the correct knowledge as your guide (which this site provides you) is required to achieve that goal of success and financial rewards.

Paper trading is the best way to ease yourself into the extraordinary mindset that comes through humble diligence in following the proven strategies of successful penny stock investing as taught on this site.

Gaining this needed experience through paper trading is the best way to protect yourself from losses while gaining all the experience you require.

With paper trading you are able to track your skill level in creating successful trades and prevent losses. You are able to see how all the strategies of stock screening, targeting and trading translate into profitable trades in actual experience.

Knowledge without Experience equals Failure

Right now you possess the head knowledge.  You can read every book in the world on truly successful stock trading; yet, you still will fail without ongoing experience, and learning from that experience. . . 

• Using the proven strategies as revealed on this site is the Essential Foundation for this all to work.  

• Experience is necessary to make this all gel together in your mind of understanding.

Taking Correct Baby steps - the most important steps you will take. 

After a while those correct baby steps turn into more confident and mature walking as you gain successful experience paper trading penny stocks.  

Before confident walking develops, you will fall at times, and your steps will be awkward and slow at first. Learning how to succeed in any new skill is no different.

Baby steps are going to be slow at first.  You will make mistakes. You will trip up at times.  Continue on to take those steps of experience correctly.

Learn from this experience.  Ask yourself,

"Why did it happen?"

"What can I do next time to avoid or minimize this risk?"

Do not be hard on yourself.  Go slow and make sure to do everything correctly.  

Careful and correct baby steps builds good research habits that are vital for future growth and success. 

As you gain experience, the entire process becomes faster, and then faster still.  

In the beginning, you may take up to 2 or 3 hours discerning the quality of a stock and its potential.  I promise you that this process will become 10 to 20 minutes study per stock within a year of daily experience studying penny stocks in your chosen sector specialty - That does not include continuous monitoring of the stock for any changes that may occur in your assessment.  

So, take the time you need in the beginning to take those steps correctly, because all future steps depend on it.

Real-Time Investing  

When your paper trading results begin to consistently produce successful trades on paper, then you are ready to try investing a little in a few stocks you feel are the most high potential on your personal list of hot stocks. 

Don't invest in only one stock at a time, because no investor's trades, no matter how much of an expert the investor is, will be successful 100% of the time.  The success rate will be 60% to 80%.  You limit losses on loser trades using stops, continual monitoring, and investing in more than one super penny stock at a time.   

Your personal hot stocks list is based on your complete study of each of those stocks against all the key fundamental assets and essential technical indicators.  

The technical indicators most essential are the

  • history of the stocks (more than 3 years),
  • history of stock prices,
  • historic pattern of price cycles.  

You are to do this type of technical research for your stock sector and your target stocks and for the stock market as a whole.  Keep an ear on any news regarding the economy, or anything that may destabilize the economy.

How Technical Info works with Fundamental Data to Screen stocks for Winners

For your target stocks in your specialty, you will be researching technical data (comparing with fundamentals) defined as follows, 

  • trade volume - historic and presently
  • trade prices - historic and presently
  • find historic lows - historic lows are only useful if the stock has already truly reached an historic low. Those penny stocks trading for only 3 yrs or so that initially began trading over $2 will eventually plunge to just pennies no matter how good the stock may appear.  You must wait for that to happen to gauge a true historic low....  A penny stock will also plunge from a true historic low if the economy is unstable and investors are far more cautious - that is, if the penny stock never historically experienced a bad economy before.
  • find historic highs
  • locate all the trade cycles historically
  • stock splits 
  • how financing through dilution of shares affects share prices and trade volume for each stock, 
  • how types of news events and SEC reports affects share prices of each stock, 
  • how economic conditions affect share prices, 
  • how different types of media hype affects share prices,
  • severe sell-offs causing share prices to plunge - why?
  • etc

Historic Lows:

This is a major technical you would be screening for.

Compare with fundamental assets to see if the penny stock is a sleeper high potential rocket stock in the making.  

Investor Advantage:

If you can invest in a sleeper high potential rocket stock before it takes off, then you will be invested at or near a bottom historic price of a cycle.  You will be in the advantageous position to limit risks to practically zero while profiting off of all those who buy into the stock on media promotions at some near future time. That is the Investor Advantage


Dilution of shares through financing can have a negative or positive impact on share prices.  If the stock is truly high potential, then a dilution of shares through financing will actually cause the share prices to explode in value over a few weeks. . .  

The reason being is that the financing received will continue to fuel development of the novel product while also allowing the company to continue operations.  Investors see this as a major plus that justifies increasing the value of that company's shares despite the share dilution.

Stock Splits:

If you see a history of stock splits - more than 1 for the year at MAX - I would not touch the stock.

I have shown you all of this along your journey on the site.  

Track each stock and each trade:

Monitor them, continually investigate the trades you made for improvements. 

Always be careful to religiously follow the strategies you have learned - do it the correct way each time. 

Please do not get so confident that you feel you can skip any steps. One piece of the puzzle can affect the outcome of the whole.  Believe me!  I warn you from experience.

Remember, this is real money

Real money can be lost or gained. There are losers and winners.  The company underlying the penny stock is earning no money, usually.  The real worth or penny stocks are its fundamental assets other than production, sales, profits and physical assets.

Investor Advantage

I have revealed to you strategies of penny stock investing that will help you make money off many other stock traders who are not privy to these extraordinary strategies, or do not internalize them or religiously follow them. 

You deserve all the profits you will make from the market. All the traders of that stock will be giving their money to you because you are worthy; You did the research they failed to do.  

The risks you want to avoid when choosing your high potential stocks. 

Some risks you want to avoid are: 

• pink sheet stocks that lack total transparency

• history of more than one reverse stock split in a 3 year period or more than 2 reverse stock splits within 5 years, 

• less than 3 years history, 

• mediocre products in development that do not add a clear and significant advantage over the competition.  Finance sites, like Yahoo, actually list possible competitors (somewhere on the lower half of the page) of the company you are studying when you enter the ticker symbol of your stock.  That helps.  

Study what the other companies are working on (the competition), or what they have in the market already, and see if the company you are eyeing has patents that show a clear advantage over the rest of the competition. 

Design patents don't count unless the design adds a significant advantage in effectiveness and safety, or high demand aesthetic value, over other similar products.

• Inadequate or unreasonable financing options - shows that investors feel shaky about the stock.

• Quarterly or yearly SEC stock report due soon?  Sec reports shake up investors in the near term, making them far more cautious.  They should make you cautious too.  That may create an investment opportunity for you if you learn that the big picture of the stock (all its fundamental assets considered) looks good despite the negatives of the Sec Report.  

The SEC report may also warn you that, if the report is really grim, will spell disaster for the company and the stock price.  This type of research will influence your decisions.

• Does the stock possess under $10 million in market value?  If so, generally avoid that stock.

• Is the economy shaky? 

• Little to no VIP interest or support

• Involved in numerous buy-outs of other struggling companies - red flag!!!  Don't buy.  Usually stocks that do this also reverse split the shares frequently - one or more times per year..  

And all other risk factors discussed in earlier topics.

Hope this helps You on your Journey

Follow the advice given will insure that you maintain a more efficient method of becoming a successful penny stock trader than the over 20 years of Hard Knox it took me to learn the same thing.  

It took me over 20 years mainly because I never knew how to research stocks correctly to begin with.  This ignorance led me on a wild goose chase trying to find answers in all the wrong places.

When you arrived at this site,, you arrived at the right place to gain the ultimate knowledge you require to reach your goal/dream/vision of financial success through penny stock investing.

You are with me on this Journey so far...

If you are with me this far and have truly studied all the lessons, then you have shown that you have the mental/philosophical/spiritual mindset, ambition, and emotional stability to make sense of all the strategies outlined and all the risks discussed.  You will be able to make it happen and become an extraordinary investor in due time as you persist.  


Because you are giving your mind the knowledge, time and experience to adapt and grow into all this.

The Mind of Understanding adapts to new things correctly if given the correct stimuli...

The best laid plans are only successful as you gain experience working out and adapting to those plans over time.

The Mind has the miraculous ability to adapt and make sense of new ways of doing things if you give your mind the information it requires coupled with patience, and then exercise your mind by using the new information.

Don't Stop Believing

Whatever you do, don't stop now.  You will never know if you have what it takes until you try.  And if you try, and do not give up, then you will understand all this in time - your mind will grow into it.  If you can do this, then you will succeed.  

Yes, you may be unsuccessful in your first attempts. Don't let that discourage you.  What you must do is adapt and fine tune your mind with all the steps to screening, locating, targeting, listing, monitoring and investing in the right stocks.

Penny Stock Investing is Simple

Really, successfully investing in penny stocks is simple and easy. The hard part for some that are studying these strategies is growing into the correct mindset to use this information accurately or effectively to locate and screen for high potential sleeper rocket stocks.  Be patient and enjoy the experience.  

Some people make this more difficult than it is and so sabotage their efforts.  

Two of the worst problems I see with penny stock traders...

1) I see many traders using the information on this site well, but then narrow in on certain assets about the stock that look exciting to them, and so neglect other essential fundamental and/or technical assets from their logical assessment of the stocks potential.  Flawed or incomplete data produces flawed results.

2) I often see traders focus all their trading hopes on one or two stocks they are studying.  And if those don't work out for them, they keep trying to make them work as if that 1 or 2 stocks were the only stock in existence.  Learn when to fold and locate other stocks with a better risk profile.  Plenty more fish in the sea ready to be caught.

A tiger out on the hunt for its prey is rarely successful in downing its first target.  Yes, even a seasoned hunter can underestimate its target. After several future set-ups for other potential targets, the tiger is finally successful in taking home a prize that will feed him and his family for a long while.

Yes, I know you want this to work, but you have to let all the fundamental assets and technical indicators reveal the big picture to you.  You must also diversify and adapt.  

You must also be patient and enjoy the learning process. Haste not only makes waste, but makes the whole experience laborious, complicated, and emotionally exhausting.

If you cannot have fun losing as well as winning, then any loss will make you panic or cause you to lose faith.

You want those fundamental assets to determine for you what will work and what won't for any given stock.  Only some stocks you study will qualify.  In the beginning that will take some time.  

Do this correctly from now on and you will find out this is not difficult or tedious.  You will succeed in your efforts. 

Take baby steps.  

Don't do more than you can handle.  But do it!  Your mind will grow into this as you work on it.  Working at it a little at a time generates lots of wealth in time!

I repeat, do not make this more complicated than it is.  And keep it fun and interesting. If something you try does not work, then learn from it.

Discover what you missed and try again. Don't keep repeating the same failure.

Yes, choosing the correct penny stocks to invest in at the right time is a science and must be done correctly.  You already possess the strategies and knowledge to do this. 

Once you gain experience using the strategies and warnings on this site to screen real stocks, your mind will understand how this all works in time, and how simple this actually is.

Addition Help - the Blue Button

The site is dedicated to providing the entire and complete knowledge you require to develop into that extraordinary investor.  

Even so, I realize that not all of you will desire to continue without further assistance.  And if you can admit that, then that takes humility and wisdom.  

Developing the EI mindset definitely requires a humble but diligent spirit.

Yes, for many, the development process can be difficult at first because it is alien to what you presently understand or what you are in the habit of doing. 

For those of you in this category, who feel you could use the extra help, I have created the Blue Button.

If you are interested in securing the extra help within the Blue Button, then please pay careful attention to what follows.



The Blue Button and the Blue Section 

Within the Blue Button, is a product that gains its power from all the information you studied so far on this site.  So, by itself, it may not seem like much, but within the context of what you have already studied, the information is invaluable to your Journey forward.  

This product helps you recall what you have studied, and puts the key fundamental and technical factors in a structured format that you can check and analyze each of your stocks against.

I believe this structure will help solve stock pick errors for some who are still having difficulty targeting and screening penny stocks for successful trades.

I've especially created the product in the blue button to help you effectively integrate the information on this site into your mind of understanding and to gain more confidence.

So, only those who have seriously studied the site so far will be rewarded by the use of this product.

Combat Ready... Combat Rockets ... Combat Infusion

I had to choose a nick name for this product,  and future products, so that any future reference to the Blue Button product(s) could be readily identified.  

As I was thinking on a name, I went with the first name that entered my mind, which is. . .

Combat Ready

This is the short name for the main Blue Button Product.  The real name is...

Penny Stock Investing for Financial Independence. . .

The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing Revealed!

The short name "Combat Ready" is kind of violent as if you are in a battle to be killed or to kill.

I chose that name because, unless you are ready to enter the penny stock market to trade and to beat the competition, you will be killed, butchered and eaten! . . . 

If that sounds violent, then think of how it feels to experience this first hand by The Market!  I am certain most reading this already know how horrifying that feels.  OOOOOH that hurts!

When you enter the market, you want to be victorious...

You want to make money rather than lose it.  

If you are to be victorious, you must have the clear investor advantage over the rest.  

This product, 

"Combat Ready"

will instill in you that clear advantage - to empower YOU to be that EI Investor.  

This product draws its power from the website.  

This product contains a small review or introduction.  

Read the Introduction, because it is essential to using the actual product.

After the introduction I will list an abbreviated structured outline, which is actually 4 abbreviated structured outlines.

  • You will use these outlines as one entity to quickly and efficiently screen and evaluate stocks to be considered as your targets.
  • You will easily recognize and determine which target stocks are worth pursuing, and which are not.

After the abbreviated structured outlines is The Structured Outline:

Structured Outline - Key Product

This is a more detailed structured outline that follows the abbreviated structured outlines.  

This detailed outline helps you truly understand The Market forces.  In addition this Product guides you through the major steps in screening each of your target stocks for high potential rocket stocks.  

By using this abbreviated structured outlines in combination with the Structured Outline, you will know what to look for and what to avoid in your search for extraordinary penny stocks to invest and profit from. Examples are given from my own experiences so you understand the process better.

As you follow the structured outline, you will automatically begin recalling all you have learned.  All this information will start fitting together in your mind.

Extraordinary Stock Screening

After the 4 abbreviated outlines and the Detailed Structured Outline, I will then reveal to you the Extraordinary Stock Screening 'Secrets.'

By using these secrets you will be able to easily target in on the best high potential penny stocks out of the thousands of duds within a fraction of the time. 

The common or traditional way of studying penny stocks to locate winners involves screening hundreds or thousands of penny stocks in your sector of choice for those outstanding companies with great potential.  This will, initially, take months. 

While you will gain good experience and knowledge screening penny stocks that way, I will specifically show you an extraordinary method of screening for the highest potential penny stocks in a fraction of the time it takes screening stocks the traditional way - And the quality of stocks will be superior. 

Even so, the extraordinary stock screening secrets do not replace the traditional long way.  What they do is supplement the long effort with quick high potential stocks to target and invest in as you study the stocks in your sector specialty the long way.  

Why only supplement?  

The answer is that you will miss out on a number of high potential penny stocks - diamonds in the rough - that the extraordinary way will not always locate for you.  

What this stock screen shortcut does is reveal some great stocks to make money from while you do another stock screen the longer way.

After locating these superior stocks the short way, you must still determine if those stocks are trading at a bargain.  

Please don't trade stocks that are on a bull trend, or trading near a high, thinking they will trend higher.  That is a very risky gamble.  I would not do it.

A Test of what you have learned.  

Nothing spectacular. This test gives you an actual stock to study in real time. Using the structured outline and all you have learned so far, you will answer specific questions about that stock and its potential to be a winner.

The correct answers will be given at the end of the test.

What has just been described is the product within the Blue Button.

Combat Rockets!

However, I won't leave you stranded there. If you seek additional more direct help I offer a 2nd product to you that is only available to those who access the 1st product.  In fact, the 2nd product offer can only be found within the 1st product.  Nowhere else in the world is this offered.

Combat Rockets (another name I chose to remember this offer).  The actual product name is, "Stock Watch List"

The 2nd product, "Combat Rockets" is only valuable to you if you first possess and have studied the 1st product called Combat Ready.


Because you will be using Combat Ready to screen the 2nd product for winners.  

In this 2nd product, I actually provide you my own personal list of 50 of the highest potential sleeper penny stocks with super novel products in development.  These 50 stocks I am following at the time you gain access to the Watch List.

Since I am mostly into biotech stocks, then the most of the stocks on the stock watch list are located in the biotechnology sector.  

Not only do I list the stocks, but I note the reasons why I chose them using all the information within the 1st product and the entire extraordinary website.  In this way, you can actually see in real time how all this information fits together in successfully locating each of the 50 high potential rocket stocks on my personal list of 50.

You will own my personal list of 50 high quality high potential rocket stocks.  

That does not mean that every stock will explode in value, or that they will explode all at the same time, if at all. All things change in time. 

What this means is that, out of thousands of penny stocks, with over half being duds or victims of scams, I offer you a list of genuine high potential sleeper penny stocks that have a better chance than the hundreds of others to turn into rocket stocks at some point in time.  

It's up to you, through further study, to determine which of the 50 stocks will turn into Rocket Stocks soon. These rockets you may deploy in the near term for potentially explosive profits.

More than just a Hot Stock List!

This stock list is not only meant to save you months of time narrowing your search of winners from thousands to only fifty stocks, I also show you how to study correctly by giving you the reasons Why I chose each stock to be on my list.  In other words, I actually show you the process I used that caused me to put those stocks on my list.

What you must do now is study this list of 50 stocks using the first product, Combat Ready, to find 3 or 4 of those penny stocks you feel are the highest potential to invest in soon using all the knowledge you have learned and experienced from the site.

Screen for other stocks on the list that you feel are high potentials for later on, and so forth.

This is the 2nd product I offer within the Blue button, hidden to everyone in the world except to those who possess the 1st product.  

I offer these 2 products so that you may hopefully better understand how the process of selecting winners actually works in real time.  This will help aid your development into that extraordinary investor.

However, I won't leave you stranded here either.  

I will take you even further, so that you may gain all the confidence you require to be that extraordinary investor.  Within the 2nd product is an offer for a 3rd product...

Combat Fusion

Within the 3rd product are the following benefits...

I update the 50 hot stock list you receive in the 2nd product every month.  Actually anytime during the month I may update the list... In this way you always possess a relevant updated list of high potential penny stocks to study every month of the year.

When updating the list, I will not always update the share prices, because you are suppose to create your own real time stock list of these stocks on a financial service like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, FinViz, etc.

What I am updating on this written list are the stocks themselves - their quality, their ranking, because everything  changes in time. Some stocks may no longer have potential, at least for some time.  Other stocks may be gaining success with their developments. I may add new high potential stocks to the list. 

I also put *** in front of those stocks on the list I feel have the greatest potential near term.  However, I will put as many as 7 stars "*" next to the most spectacular opportunities.

Also included in the 3rd product... 

I will actually bring to your attention one or two high potential stocks every month that are ready to invest in at that time.  These are not marketeer promoted stocks, and I definitely do not offer stocks from marketeers. 

What I will offer you are potential rocket stocks that are still in sleeper status - dead in the water - awaiting a marketeer promotion or exciting news in the near future - hopefully.  

Nothing is a sure thing in this world, and everything changes. But I will be careful in providing you high potential penny stocks that will 80% of the time trend up in price for a profit of 5% to... the sky is the limit.

I will not take responsibility for stocks that cause losses. 

Nothing is absolutely certain in this world. That is especially true with penny stocks. You are expected to limit losses with stops and close monitoring AND by investing in more than one stock at a time. The best laid plans will fail at times.  The one who succeeds, adapts to changes. 

One last bonus item in the 3rd product - but definitely not the least!!! ...

You will eventually have exclusive free access to a pass word protected private blog created just for those who have completed the journey on  

  • This is not a chat service.  
  • This is not the general extraordinary blog you will eventually find on the website.

This is a totally private blog... and I cannot fully fathom what will come from this.  But this blog is intended for an inner circle of hard core trader students of the EI strategies.  To these alone, I will eventually reveal a 4th product - How to locate, target, trade and profit from Scam Penny Stocks.

I realize everyone has their own schedule.  A blog is a messaging service that allows you to post at your convenience to or for others on the blog to see, and even respond to, at their leisure.

One of the most important reasons this blog is private is for security.

This blog will be kept scam free.  No non-member will have access.

Within this blog, we will gather as a family or tribe.  

We will be there for each other, and contribute to help each other succeed. Whatever you write will be viewed by the Tribe.  For this reason, I feel the private blog will be priceless

Dare I say the name of this blog?  I think I will wait until the time is right. I desire this blog to bring us together and lift each other up. I desire us to be as ONE.

Each of the three extra help products has a sale price that is not burdensome, but necessary to prevent anyone who is not meant to go further on this journey.  

The first product, Combat Ready, is $12.

The second product, Combat Rockets, is $99.95.

That is less than $2 per pre-screen high potential sleeper rocket stock, plus I show how I arrived at those picks based on the EI strategies.  

Special Offer on Combat Rockets:

For a short time, I am offering this product for $50 even (No $49.95 gimmicks). This is my gift to the first graduates and members of this site.


Part of the reason is that a number of you who have studied and read the site perhaps 3 to 5 times already, and then had to re-read the site again just to get the pass code letters.  The reason being is that I took so long in completing the site.  I admire your patience, and feel you should be rewarded.

I don't know when I will end this special sale, but it will not last for long. No warning will be given when the special price ends.

The third product, Combat Fusion, is a monthly fee of $12 - an automatic monthly deduction from your account that you or I can cancel at any time.  

Starts Out as Trial Offer - 3 months for $3 each month.

When you sign up for Combat Fusion you get the first 3 months for $3 each month.


The reason is that the member blog will not be available for several months.  And even after the blog is set up, I will leave the trial offer intact to give everyone the best opportunity to see if this is really for them.

Money received from all products will be an extra stream of income that will be used mainly for altruistic missions...

My great desire is to build other help sites, and to continue my mission to help others in whatever way I feel led. 

The next site I desire to build is a Spiritual Site.  

I desire this site to be completely free as well.  

You who invest in the products offered on the site for your success are inadvertently providing an avenue in which others are helped in many ways.  So, in a sense, your assistance is Angelic, in that you will help thousands of others while also helping yourselves.

The Products within the Blue Button are helpful, but not necessary to be successful...

If you desire the extra help, then you stand to benefit from what lies beyond the Blue Button.  This information is for you at a price that anyone can afford; yet, will keep out most of the chaff.  

Even so, entering the blue button is not necessary to be a successful penny stock investor.  Everything you need is thoroughly explained in all the previous sections of the site.  

If you wish to continue on this Journey to see how far the rabbit hole goes, then I invite you to do so because, out of all the people in the world, you are worthy to receive it.  You have studied with me this far, to this very point!  We truly have an intimate connection.  We are a special group, a tribe, or a family.  That is how I see it.

You already have the knowledge that most investors lack.

I developed the blue button for those of you who are still attempting to make sense of all you learned, and to get there faster, to create the most successful trades and to become part of a special family. 

All it takes now is for a little extra assistance to make this all gel and fit together in your mind as one complete puzzle.  So the Blue Button extra helps are designed to see you all the way to your goal of becoming that extraordinary investor.

In summary then...

All that you have previously read - as a whole - contains all the information you require to make successful trades, to be a successful penny stock investor... to be that extraordinary investor. 

What you will receive within the Blue Button, if you so choose, are additional or accessory helps I constructed for you to ease you into the process of becoming an extraordinary investor faster.  

Included is some advanced knowledge on screening penny stocks.  

Within the Blue Button is the following product, "Combat Ready."

Combat Ready is the short name given to the Blue Button Product called, 

Penny Stock Investing for Financial Independence

The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Biotech Penny Stock Investing Revealed!

This product will provide you with the following topics:

• An Introduction

• Three (actually 4) abbreviated Structured Outlines to quickly analyze your target stocks.

• A detailed structured outline for locating and screening stocks with the highest potential to explode in value.  I include some personal examples.

• Advanced knowledge on screening stocks the Extraordinary Way.

• A stock trading scenario and test question - see how well you have advanced.  I will give you the correct answer.

• A very special offer for Blue Button entries only - which is the 2nd product if you desire it.

How to Enter the Blue Button

To enter the Blue Button, if you so choose, you must do two things...

1) Enter the Pass Code.  Each letter of the Pass Code is found written the pages of free information after the topic (and all its sub-topics) called Stock Market Basics.  

These letters are easy to find if you are really reading, because I actually alert you when you arrive at the next letter of the code.

The Pass Code is designed to weed out those who have not studied the site.  Only those who have studied the site are ready and worthy to continue on this Journey beyond the Free Site and to enter through the Blue Button.

2) After you enter the Pass Code, a box will pop up.  You are required to provide a brief review of your thoughts about this site so far and how it has helped you, if at all.  This is your contribution to others that arrive on the free site after you do.

Not everyone's review will be posted on my site, but some will. As well, I will likely rotate reviews so that most everyone's review has the opportunity to be published on my site at some point for the benefit of those viewing the site.

Then you must press the submit button.  

By pressing the Submit Button for your personal review, some exciting things will happen...

1)  Your Personal Review is submitted for me to read

The review you submit may be recorded in whole or partially on this site on any of the pages for others to see for their edification and encouragement with credit given to you for writing it. . . 

So, by submitting, you agree to help others with the information you write about this site.  

Yes, you will be contributing your assistance in the form of a review to potential viewers of this site.  

Each review will be read by me. If required, I may shorten your review. Please do not take offense at me for this. 

I must do this.  Generally, keep the review at 1 to 3 paragraphs.  

If you choose to create a longer review, then I am thinking what you have to say is important to you.  I will seriously consider what you wrote.

If I include your review on the EI site, I will also include the state and city you live in, plus your first name and last initial, occupation, and years of trading experience.

If you wish to send me an audio or a YouTube review, you may do so.  If I approve it, I will include a link to those forms of media on my site as well.

2)  After you submit your review, you will be directed to an order page for the first product.  PayPal is the prime method of purchase for your safety and protection. In any dispute, PayPal 99% of the time will favor the customer.



Please Read the following before Pressing Blue Button...

Before you enter the Pass Word and press the Blue Button, I put together a special little report, on the next page, to help motivate you and keep you sober as you journey forward.  

Please do not underestimate the power of what is written in that little report.  I wrote everything for your benefit.  My desire is for you to be a very successful penny stock investor. 

Please read now. . .

Extraordinary Investor Pearls of Wisdom

Penny Stocks:  

The pearls of wisdom are what you received and studied on this site,  

These Pearls are only helpful and precious to those who are humble and grateful for the help they receive and diligently apply what they have learned.  

Pigs trample on Pearls like dirt because they cannot see the value of such a precious commodity to earn huge profits.  Such individuals will lose out on all this site has to offer.  

The pigs rather see value in what they feel is the quick easy way to wealth - the hot stock gimmicks so prevalent throughout the internet on many sources of media content.  The pigs will be killed, butchered and eaten by the scam artists.

For those of you humble souls that are able to see the precious gems on this site, I have some advice for you. . .

• If you continually study and apply the guidance on this site, you will continue to improve in understanding, efficiency and speed.  

• There really is no reason to take risks and gamble with your hard earned money when you can easily study the companies first, and learn how to invest for success as this site is showing you.

• Unlike just 20 years ago, the internet as we now know it makes good study of companies easy, fast, and affordable.  

• Those who have gotten this far have patiently studied this site and have gained knowledge that is mysterious to most investors.  You are the ones who know what and how to study the stocks of your interest. 

You have the extraordinary knowledge with which, with experience, you will use to gain an extraordinary life-changing experience for the better.

As you study this site, and gain the essential experience using the strategies found within, then you will have what it takes to be an extraordinary investor who will eventually double and triple his/her investments again and again in due time.  

• Specialize in a sector of stocks and specialize in the stocks of your focus to keep interest, study effectively, and have fun.  That is how millionaires are made.

• The extraordinary investor will never invest in anything he does not fully understand.   

• The extraordinary investor takes all the time in the world to study the key fundamental assets and essential technical indicators of a company and its sector within the larger market.  

• Such investor will only invest when he/she fully understands a stock of focus and feels within his/her being that it is the best deal on the block after his/her mind has the opportunity to assimilate and make sense of the accurate data accumulated coupled with experience.

• Haste makes waste.  Do not waste all the knowledge you have received.  Take all the time you need.  

Don't rush yourself, but keep at it daily, a little at a time - using what you have learned.  Have fun with this.  

Don't think of instant riches.  Rather, think of a new way of earning money that is fun, does not mess up the house, does not cost much, and can be done anytime you like... Think of investing as a hobby that will one day pay huge dividends to you.

In time, you will become faster and more efficient at screening for gems, and investing in high potential rocket stocks for profits.  The profits possible you will not enounter with other types of stocks or investments or businesses.  Don't rush yourself.

You have now completed this lesson:

Extraordinary Investor Pearls of Wisdom - Penny Stocks.

When you are ready . . .


Enter Pass Code, and then enter a short summary of what you think of the website so far.

Then press "Submit."

Thank you.  




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