Discount Broker Disadvantages
Pigs and Discount Brokers Do Not Mix

Pigs and Discount Brokers do not mix

The major discount broker disadvantages are:

  • too easy to open an account with little to no money.  
  • too easy and quick to execute trades
  • they are self-service - little to no oversight

Discount brokers make trading so very easy and instantaneous.  

This is highly advantageous for the professional trader.

These advantages become disadvantages for undisciplined traders - the pigs or risk-gamblers.  

Gamblers are inherently attracted to Discount Brokers and Penny stocks

  • The risk-gambling type of trader is excited about the discount brokers - the thrill of trading for potential quick huge profits with few restrictions.
  • Such traders can open an account under 15 minutes with most popular discount brokers with little to no money down.  
  • They get to trade stocks their way without some 'know-it-all' directing or guiding them.  
  • The gamblers can place trades within seconds.  So easy to do.
  • Instant thrill of gambling with potential to hit it big with penny stocks

You can readily visualize the discount broker disadvantages at work for the gamblers or pigs. . . Big Losses

Such traders are highly attracted to penny stocks.  

Why so?  Penny stocks are known for potential quick huge profits if only one can pick the winning stock.  And such traders really feel they will eventually get lucky and hit a home run.

But as most of us already know, its not as easy as it looks on the surface.  The diamonds are their, but difficult to grab if you don't know what you are doing.  


The Gambler is the loser because he is an Undisciplined Trader and a follower of every scam that comes down the pike.

Undisciplined traders are naive, greedy, and impatient.  They never learned how to profit from penny stock like this site teaches.  

Such traders invest like as if he/she were gambling at a casino.  

Trading penny stocks can be so much fun for a gambler that he will become addicted to trading stocks, even though most of the trades are losses.  The few winners he clinches motivate him to continue on toward that home run trade of a life time.

Penny stock gamblers are Pigs ripe for the slaughter

Such traders are professionally called "pigs" and can easily lose his/her entire investment to the market in a short time.  The seasoned traders and wise penny stock investors feed off the pigs for their livelihood.

Remember, every market has a balance of losers and winners.  

Discount Broker Disadvantages are Advantages to the Extraordinary Investor.

If you want to be a winner, then don't take uneducated risks.  Develop, and stick to, a successful strategy of trading penny stocks.  This site is dedicated to you for that very purpose.  And its all free, so you everything to gain.

Casting Pearls to the Swine

The discount broker disadvantages become even more noxious in that no professional is there to warn the unfortunate pig or novice trader. It's all self-service.  

Pigs wouldn't listen anyway.  They go to the market to be slaughtered, butchered and consumed.  

Actually, even if you did try to warn the pigs of their errors, they are so paranoid that they will think you are trying to prevent them from making money and will trample your pearls of wisdom underfoot.  

Do not waste your time giving your pearls to swine!  They will trample them underfoot as if it were dirt or ordinary stones.  Most are ungrateful and un-appreciative.

Pigs and discount brokers are just not meant for each other

All the discount broker advantages are only realized in the Extraordinary Investor.  To most other traders, only discount broker disadvantages are seen so easily.

Discount Broker Warnings!

In spite of the discount broker disadvantages just described, the Discount brokers do have fine print contracts that describe the potential risks and losses.  They may warn the new investor to get experience first before using their service.  This is wise advice that goes unheeded by the gamblers. 

You are preparing to profit from the risk gamblers, pigs and other undisciplined traders

Fortunately, this site is preparing you better than anything I know of to be ready to use a discount broker when you have completed your journey on this site.

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Discount Broker Disadvantages

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