Fundamental Trading Secrets

Fundamental Trading Secrets. . .

What is the reason for all the secrecy of fundamental trading? . . .

Here is what I see as the answer...

1. Fundamental Analysis appears very complicated and time consuming to most investors which prevents them from taking it seriously. This is a false portrayal of Fundamental Analysis. This was true before the internet revolution and the information age, but not anymore.

In reality, in the present, the internet makes fundamental analysis simple, fast, and effective. So most investors are just ignorant of the power of complete fundamental analysis and how to use it effectively to trade stocks.

2. Most investors want instant results, and studying fundamentals and waiting patiently to reap a harvest does not fit into their picture of "instant."

3. The media, marketers, information sources, and even securities agents are either ignorantly or deliberately misinforming the public about the power of complete fundamental study and investing in companies.

The power of complete fundamental study of companies is rarely discussed, and when it is discussed, it is commonly done in half truths, with false or misleading information thus limiting the fundamental trading secrets to a few independent thinkers.

4. Little money can be made by promoting fundamental investing because marketeers cannot create fundamental programmable software and promote it for sale like they can for technical trading. In addition, mass propaganda promoting technical trading makes fundamental trading unpopular thus un-salable.

5. A fad is created when the public is duped into believing the lie of mass media that technical algorithmic software is the fastest and most powerful successful investing method. Fundamental analysis is downplayed in comparison further hiding the fundamental trading secrets of successful investing.

6. Not only is complete fundamental analysis being shunned by the media and most everyone else, but it gets worse. . . The idea that marketeers and media want to portray is that fundamental analysis and technical analysis don't even mix - like oil does not mix with water. This is being promoted on many investor websites, even the respected

In other words, it would be counterproductive and irrational to use both methods of investing together because technical data supposedly already accounts for all fundamentals affecting a stock. This example and argument is a total lie. See "7." for the reason why.

7. Both fundamentals and technical data used together - when used correctly - is the most powerful investment system for successful investing by far, creating more millionaires than any other form of stock investment.

You read on good investment sites that fundamental analysis and technical analysis are opposing schools of investing that do not mix. That is so far from the truth.

Complete Fundamentals and Technicals must be assessed together to locate high potential companies, and profit by investing in them. Without good fundamental analysis, an investor is trading blind.

8. I believe many traders lack self-confidence in their own abilities to research stocks by themselves using complete fundamental analysis, and by it, locating rocket stocks to invest in. And that lack of confidence is mainly due to media programming as mentioned. .

9. To top it all off, penny stocks are portrayed as extremely risky investments that investors should stay away from, and that you need 'their' (the scam artists') help to succeed. Totally false and misleading, creating a vicious cycle of trader dependency on mass media for answers.

What traders actually get are slick marketeers convincing them to give them their money.

The investors who do not understand the companies behind the penny stocks of interest in relation to the entire market is the real risk - not the penny stocks themselves.

The other real risk is depending on all the scam stock picks, newsletters,and message boards flooding the internet for trading ideas. They exist to take your money in penny stock trading scams.


Fundamental Analysis - Flawed and Slanderous Info Abounds

As stated earlier and bares repeating, Fundamental analysis is untruthfully or slanderously being defined or referred to and looked upon as a tool used to study the financial statements of a company and other incomplete definitions.

In other words an assessment of a company's value and potential using complete fundamental analysis, with technical analysis as an aid, is seldom referred to, is a taboo subject, is seemingly unheard of except by those 2% - 3% of investors who make their living using this method to make huge profits on their investments.

Generally, World Wide Deception of Fundamental Analysis

What I have just reviewed are the reasons for the Mysterious Fundamental Trading Secrets. I believe, a world-wide attempt to totally expunge Good fundamental analysis from investment decisions has been in progress for years.

And because of the vast skillful promoting efforts of Technical Programs, technical trading is gaining enormous popularity and fundamental analysis is now looked at as boring, time consuming, impotent, and practically unheard of. The fundamental trading secrets have all been lost, except to a few percent independent thinkers.

In fact, most of the investment sites you visit are filled with technical graphs and the teaching of technical signals, and the promoting of technical software. And what is really crazy about this is that technical trading does not even work that well - especially with capturing rocket stock trends in penny stocks. Good fundamental trading is Key to success with such high profit trades.

The power of marketing has rather so promoted technical trading so as to appear easy, glamorous, like a savior, that no other form of investing can even touch. In reality, pure technical trading is a fad created by marketeers.

The profits made on stock trades using such technical software are erratic - lose most and gain some. This is so dismal and complex compared to the consistent low risk rewards earned through complete fundamental research of penny stocks.

With all this media propaganda, is it any wonder that complete fundamental analysis and trading are fundamental trading secrets of the few in this day and age.

A Possible Conspiracy or Cover-Up

I cannot think of any rational reason why the world in general is so intent at hiding the fundamental trading secrets of the wealthy in penny stock trading.

Perhaps the world in general has been duped by the propaganda of marketeers and scam artists. I really find that hard to believe. I'd like to think people are smarter than that.

I rather see what appears to be a worldwide conspiracy by those high up in our governments to cover up the power of fundamental analysis in penny stock trading. And if their efforts fail, then penny stock investing may receive restrictions that make it almost impossible to reap huge profits from penny stock investing as is now possible.

Penny stocks are truly the last frontier in which an extraordinary investor can change his entire life for the better in potentially one or two years.

Why a possible conspiracy to bury the fundamental trading secrets?

. . .It may be to keep the novice and average trader from making their livelihood from such investing. We need a working class in this country. The world appears dead set at making sure you remain in that working class, because you are the backbone of the economy.

I don't know about you, but I am sick of being someone else's backbone - slave. I have a life too - with great untapped potential to help others with the gifts and talents I possess and develop.

Free market enterprise use to create many millionaires. But almost every one of those advantages to create wealth by start-up companies has been restricted or prohibited by government laws.

Most small businesses in our days are nothing more than prisons. Why? Just to make a living, a small business owner spends almost 12 to 15 hours a day at the business. The government has it all figured out - how much money the average small business owner is allowed to make. What kind of life is that?

The internet is the last hope for the small business person.

And the fundamental trading secrets of penny stocks as taught on this site are the last frontier of investing in which the average or below average person can still double and triple his investments over and over without an education.

Opening up a penny stock account can be done with no money down, and only a thousand dollars to begin building your fortune.

You can have a criminal record, be handicapped, be ugly or beautiful, strong or weak, sick or healthy, short or tall, fat or thin, male or female, brown, white, red or black, rich or poor. You can be of below average intelligence and make a killing in the market using the easy to learn proven investment strategies on this site. No restrictions >yet< for any adult 18 or above wanting to change his/her life around in the Penny Stock Market.

Through mass marketing efforts, penny stock investing using complete fundamentals is being downcast in a negative light in an attempt to restrict the small investor from becoming wealthy.

These are my thoughts, and I feel I have the expertise to understand that something strange is going on that does not make sense unless it is a well thought out conspiracy.

You have completed this lesson on Fundamental Trading Secrets.

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