Investment Disclaimer
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Investment Disclaimer

No Guarantees!

This investment site is unique amongst most others you will ever see in that you will receive the information you've been searching for that will help you to locate and successfully trade penny stocks that are about to explode in value. This is what extraordinary investors do, and this is what this site is revealing to you as you read.

This site will guide You to become an extraordinary investor with all the financial and personal rewards that go with such investing. This site delivers to you what other sites cannot because they know not.

Even though this educational site will show you how to be an extraordinary investor, no one can guarantee your success in penny stock investing but you.

Part of the equation for success is your own mindset, your willingness to conscientiously open your mind to this site and then put into action what has been made known to you.

Investment Disclaimer info You should know...

• This site is designed to show you how to develop the proper mindset, philosophy, emotions, and correct decision making skills for success, and then to provide you the tools (strategies) needed for success.

• This is not difficult to learn. You can be of below average intelligence and education and still be a far more successful investor then the most intelligent and schooled individual by applying the simple instruction on this site.

• As hinted at earlier, this site is designed in such a way that many important terms and pieces of important knowledge are repeated and built upon in the same section and/or other sections of this website. This method of study is important in helping your mind continually recall information and familiarize yourself with all that you have previously studied so your mind integrates the information into your nature and thought processes as you study.

• This method of programming is a form of brainwashing and works to integrate all this information into your mind. If You desire a better life, I encourage you to open your mind and let this information control and reprogram your mind for success.

• Faith in this site and what it desires to reveal to you will go a long way in helping you achieve success as you study the instruction on this site. Temporarily put aside what you have learned about investing and objectively open your mind to what this site will reveal to you.

• Learning something new that has great potential to improve your life is never a waste of time. You will have lost nothing and will possibly gain everything you ever hoped for your life.

• This information has been tested by me and others and is "historically" the most overlooked yet most successful form of investing in the world. This information is powerful and we know it works to create more independently wealthy stock traders than any other method. I have no doubt that this information will work for you if you let it.

• Through experience, we have time tested this approach to investing in one of the worst economic conditions in history, and we can confidently state that this approach works far better than any other method of investing to limit risks and gain the most from your investments.

• You lose nothing - much to gain. The information you gain from this site is potentially of far greater value to you than any minor costs associated with it. Any time you spend studying this site is not a loss but an investment for your future - a better future financially and as a person... they go hand-in-hand. What good is wealth if you are shallow and miserable? A fool and his money soon part.

Investment Disclaimer:

This site is not a mutual fund, investment service, brokerage account or marketeer scam. Rather this site is for your information on what is proven to me and others like me by experience genuinely works. In this context,

• this site is not here to advise you or decide for you where you should put your money, or what specific stock or stocks you should invest in.

• the decision to invest, or the choosing of a stock or stocks to invest in, should be your responsibility alone. You will become master of your destiny for success - that is the purpose of this site.

We strongly recommend that you utilize registered reputable brokers and sites like or other reputable sites for objective investment advice, but always seek diversity of sources for a second or third opinion or slant on important topics.

This investment disclaimer is written with my own experience as a reference.

I urge you not to let any registered securities agent advise you on which specific stocks you should invest in - if you do you will likely find your principle slowly dwindling away.

If I am to give advice to you in this investment disclaimer, my advice is. . .

You do well to choose your own stocks if and when you decide to study what I know to be the best way to invest in stocks for minimal risk and greatest potential profit. The information on this site is for that purpose and is constructed for your benefit.

This site is designed to inform you of the signs to look for in:

• how to choose for yourself stocks to trade that possess the greatest potential explode in value.

• how to practically eliminate risks through accurate knowledge of penny stocks and penny stock investing, and use the risks others take to your advantage.

• how to gauge the correct time to buy and sell those high potential stocks for profits that average well over 10% per trade. But even if you do far worse, let's say 3% per trade, that is still 30% on your investment on 10 trades. As your experience grows using this information to trade, you can realistically expect your profits to be far better per trade on average.

Investment Disclaimer on potential profits:

Any average percentages of investment return used on this site is for example purposes only, and is based on my own track record and the track record of others using the knowledge on this site as the foundation. 

You may do far better or worse than the conservative estimates I provide depending on your own personal mindset, your willingness to study and apply the directives on this site, and how much of your time and yourself you put into your research and investing of stocks utilizing the fully revealed complete system of investing taught on this site.

Once again, this investment disclaimer does not advise you to invest in any particular stock. Rather, we encourage you to always research the stocks yourself, whether such stocks are from a reputable stock list or any other resource.

This site will be essential to you for the purpose of developing in you the ability and talent to choose and invest in stocks successfully. If you really want to be a successful penny stock investor, then you are going to need this site.

This investment disclaimer is designed to give you the complete truth - even it it seems unfavorable.

To be completely honest with you, you must understand that all information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. 

This investment disclaimer warns you that this site or its representatives shall under no circumstance be liable to you the user, and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever, even if the site owners and managers have been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

The reason we cannot and should not realistically be held liable is that only You can guarantee your own success. We cannot be responsible for your personal actions or inactions or how you use the information provided. You may be subject to haste, which leads to waste - wasteful decisions that could easily drain you of your entire investment.

This investment disclaimer recognizes that everyone is unique and creative. Many will no doubt find ways to adjust, change, add to, or delete from the information provided in an attempt to make this all fit into their own personal character and style of investing. And that is okay.

This investment disclaimer gives you the full promise of the Author that this information provided is to help you to be an extraordinary investor. Let this information be for you a framework and foundation on which you may create what best works for you as an individual, or use the information exactly as is.

Investment Disclaimer: Sobering thoughts to meditate on:

• Over 97% of all investors lose money or make mediocre profits in penny stock trading.

• Approximately 90% of all stock investors lose money or make mediocre profits.

• Approximately 3% double their investments in penny stocks time and again. These are the extraordinary investors.

• Less than 1% luck out and invest in a penny stock that increases thousands of percent without fully understanding how it happened - perhaps as a tip from a friend or broker who is one of the 2% - 3%.

• We estimate that less than 1% who click on this site and overview it will be humble enough to take seriously the information on this site or will actually study or follow the instruction from beginning to end. Therefore, less than 1% will follow through with the instruction given and learn how to become an extraordinary investor.

• We are confident that the market can easily handle many more extraordinary investors without negatively affecting potential profits. In fact, more extraordinary investors in the market would be welcome to provide greater liquidity to penny stocks and thus less risk and greater yield potential for the extraordinary investor.

• Penny stocks are traded just like blue chip stocks, but the methods used to make successful trades in penny stocks are far different then for medium to large cap stocks, commodities and indexes. This site shows you why.

• The investment knowledge, understanding, methods and strategies used to successfully trade penny stocks as revealed on this site are far different than what is used for day trading or swing trading of stocks, commodities and indexes. Comparisons and contrasts are reviewed on this site.

This investment disclaimer promises any average humble, seeking individual that becoming an extraordinary investor is fairly simple to learn and apply, but overlooked by approximately 97% of all investors for reasons you will understand as you continue on this journey. In this respect, Extraordinary Investment Strategies are a secret to most investors but will be revealed to you.

You have completed reading the Investment Disclaimer.

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