Investment Philosophy
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In Penny Stock Trading

Investment Philosophy of the Extraordinary Investor. . .

        - The Essential Foundation for all Successful Penny Stock Trading

The extraordinary investor is well aware that even the best methods of investing to work with penny stocks must be built upon a sound investment philosophy as the foundation that prepares the mind for successful investing. If I had understood this 20 years ago I would not have wasted those years.

With this philosophy as the foundation penny stock traders are able to...

• harness their own thoughts, emotions and logic for success

• understand the market intimately and determine its desires and needs

• with experience, accurately gauge the perceived value placed on those needs by society, by investors and by professionals.

• to prepare the mind for $uccess.

What does philosophy have to with successful penny stock trading?

This philosophy is founded in love: to think and act in a way that is for the betterment of others - to help others. This site was created with that philosophy as the foundation - to help others.

True Wisdom is Love and is Life, and is expressed in the helping of others. With True Wisdom as the foundation, emotions are stable and healthy, logical rational decision-making and thinking are insured, and life is lived to the fullest...

This investment philosophy is essential to intimately understand the market and the Law of Supply and Demand. This is the foundation for studying penny stocks to invest in for success.

For instance:

You must view penny stocks as the companies they are and measure each one for their ability and potential to benefit others

• to effectively improve the lives of others with the highest safety possible,

• to create harmony of resources for the betterment of others,

• to fulfill the needs and desires of the greatest number of consumers better than what currently exists.

You must view all the economic, political, public and private forces in the world as important influences and also potential beneficiaries of what developmental companies are attempting to accomplish through their exploration and development of products, and then accurately predict the perceived value that society and its investors place, or eventually will place, on any penny stock company's activities.

You must view yourself as a contributor to this process by empathically judging for yourself the merits of the company of focus and the impact of its products within the construct of relevant positive and negative social, political and economical forces.

And finally, to show your approval of exceptional companies by investing in them.

The profit you earn is your pay for the service you are providing.


This is the True Investment Philosophy that intimately understands the laws of supply and demand.

Sure, many investors mentally know about supply and demand, but most will never be able to intimately relate to it and rationally apply it.

The Wisdom of Love in action is Life and is the Foundation of rational thought and emotions that is necessary to accurately locate potential rocket stocks in the ways that were briefly described.

The Extraordinary Investors are the top penny stock investors because these are the "some" who gain wealth from investing in the stock market and possess quality peaceful lives in a turbulent world. How is this possible? Because they live out this philosophy in their own lives, and then apply it to investing.

In contrast, if stock traders look at investing for the sole purpose of what they can get out of it, then

• they have little interest or focus in companies and what these companies offer to benefit others.

• their desire and patience to study companies that are worthy is diminished.

• they become blind to the principles of supply and demand.

• they cut themselves off from intimate understanding of the Market and the companies underlying the stocks.

• wisdom is dismissed, emotions work against them, and the rational thought to make good investment choices degrades into blind risk taking and gambling to one degree or another.

Such investors are professionally called "Pigs." Pigs will be discussed in more detail later.

Technical trading is well suited for Pigs in that such trading eliminates the need or responsibility to intimately understand the market and the company behind the stock.

Unfortunately, technical analysis, while helpful and necessary, does not live up to the rosy image as a trading system for penny stocks for reasons that students of this site are now aware of. Penny stocks are definitely a different animal.

Mass media and marketeers promote Technical Trading as the "savior" at the expense of an intimate understanding of the market, and companies in that market. This is especially true when trading penny stocks. And that too will be discussed in more detail.

Investment Philosophy - Summary

• Helping Others is the universal Wisdom and Meaning of life that instills a Noble Purpose for living. Love = Wisdom = Life = Truth = Light (Give of your life to gain LIFE).

• Love is the investment philosophy on which an Extraordinary Investor develops.

• Helping Others make informed choices is the Purpose of this Site.

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