Investment Pigs
Pitied, Needed, Loved

Nice Piggy... come to Daddy

Investment Pigs - Pittied, Needed, Loved

The trading practices of the pig inherently help make Extraordinary Investors rich . . .

My educated guess is that 87% of penny stocks traders are classified as investment pigs.

""Pig"" is a professional term used to describe many investors who are greedy, impatient, arrogant and have low self-esteem.

Pigs are mentally and emotionally unhealthy. Professional, novice, technical or fundamental investors can equally be classified as pigs if they fit the description.

Pigs attempt to play the penny stocks according to their own rules rather than listening to, learning from and understanding the market to find it's needs and desires. Thus, Pigs are out of touch with reality, having no or little connection with the market. They make decisions that are selfishly based rather than what the market requires.

Pigs go nowhere quick: Investment Pigs want everything now (the "instant" society) with the least amount of work or time. They think life owes them this much. In reality, the pig's method of investing is time consuming, aggravating, humbling, costly and emotionally exhausting even though, on the surface, risk gambling appears easy and quick.

Pigs have low self-esteem, they lack confidence in their own abilities, so they are prone to be followers and are prime victims of scams that are so commonly promoted by marketeers in newsletters, email alerts, blogs, investment site chat rooms or message boards, penny stock websites, and other social media channels.

Pigs follow the crowd, they gamble, they fall victim to investment scams and the latest fads like technical trading software and stock robots that promise an easy and quick way to amass wealth from trading.

Pigs are undisciplined: They do not have a successful trading philosophy and strategy for trading penny stocks. Even if they did, they would not dedicate themselves to the Plan - thus, insuring their own failure.

Pigs will fail in their investments or continue to make mediocre profits or lose their life's savings over and over.

Pigs possess a philosophy based on greed and selfish ambition that causes irrational chaotic emotions and flawed judgment, which is why their decisions lead to destructive investing practices. And that is why pigs follow the crowd, gamble on emotions and are taken advantage of by the latest investment fads and scams.

Pigs inherently take unnecessary risks - its in their personality.

Pigs go to market to get slaughtered, butchered and consumed. The extraordinary investor's success is a result of Investment Pigs, Novices and Technical Traders and their risky and inferior investment practices in penny stock investing.

The Extraordinary Investor's approach is the opposite of the Investment Pig...

just as love is the opposite of selfish ambition.

Choose which you will serve.

You cannot serve both selfish ambition and love as a way of life at the same time. True Wisdom is founded in LOVE and produces Real Life. Selfish Ambition is the philosophy of the Pig and produces a shallow existence and emotional suffering. They are opposites.

The most successful low risk high reward penny stock trading is all about learning from the market it's needs and desires.

It's about studying the market and companies, and letting the market tell you which companies have a widely perceived potential for success in helping others. When this is done, emotions are founded in accurate knowledge and will work in your favor.

How to accomplish this connection with the market:

Fundamental data is thoroughly relied upon and studied with the right mindset.

Simple technical data (mainly historical price and volume of shares traded) is studied and is used together with the complete study of fundamentals to locate, confirm and invest/trade in companies whose shares will soon explode in value before most other investors (Pigs, Novices, Technical Traders) become aware of them, AND before marketeers discover them or begin buying up shares in preparation for their pump-n-dump media campaigns.

Fundamental Data and Technical Data will be defined later.

Personal Testimony -

I was an Investment Pig for too long : (

This site was built with my own knowledge of penny stock investing that has turned my life around. 

I use to make great trades but made far more bad trades that kept me poor. My methods were undisciplined, emotional, and thus irrational. I was an investment "pig" for almost 20 years and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I lost out on far more than money! 

I lost out on the wonderful honor and privilege of knowing others, and being a servant and helper of others - to be a miracle worker or Force of Good upon the earth. As Scripture states: "The greatest among you is the servant of all." The result was that I was a hollow, depressed and bitter man that was never content.

I was drained of my money and my life by selfish ambition and the seeking of pleasure for myself. I had little respect for myself and hated others deep inside for being better than me or who appeared happier than me. What I really hated was myself.

What I have learned the Hard Knox way...

Through study and through trial and error for over 27 years of my investment career I now share with you.

If I can at least help a few avoid the wasted life I suffered because of my own ignorance and stupidity and selfishness I will have succeeded in fulfilling part of my mission on this earth as a helper - a Force of Good.

I empathize with you, and I can help. 

Yet, I also realize that perhaps only 1% or less of those who happen to connect with this site will ever take this site seriously and will continue on their way. That is okay and expected. If everyone who clicked on this site read through it and applied it, then far too many extraordinary investors would exist.

While I empathize with the investment pig and want to help each one change into princes and princesses, I also realize that those who choose to remain investment pigs are destined to their lot in life and YES they benefit me greatly.

And for that reason..

I love the pigs.

You have completed the study on

Investment Pigs - Pitied, Needed, Loved.

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