An Investment Service
that Keeps Paying You
HUGE Dividends

The Purpose of this website is to provide for you an investment service that keep paying you huge dividends in knowledge that you may use repeatedly to trade penny stocks successfully for the rest of your life.

Building a Web Site - a new talent I learned.

You may wonder why I, or anyone else, who already earns a good income would want to learn how to build a website! Why would anyone want to invest all the time and energy required to create and build it?

Besides the potential to create another stream of income, other motives existed for me to create a website.

Consider this... A website by its very nature has the potential to be accessed and studied by an extremely huge audience comprised of people all over the world who are specifically interested in the subject matter I cover on my site.

For me, such an avenue of creative expression is breath-taking - a dream come true.

To think that my site may be accessed and studied by potentially thousands of interested penny stock investors globally who need the help I offer is an extremely rewarding thought to me.

Helping others with the talents I possess and develop has always given me a high or euphoric feeling.

I thought of the huge number of people I could reach with my successful penny stock investment service and strategies via a website. That excited me to no end.

This wonderful opportunity is a first for me thanks to the internet.

So, in consideration of these very great rewards, I decided to invest the time and energy to learn a new hobby and skill - building a website - an investment service that could benefit many people.

I diminished or canceled other habits and interests to make room for this new hobby. My dreams, my desire to help others, plus my talent for investing in penny stocks, motivated me to do just that.

A company called Solo Build It! helped me make that dream a reality like no other web hosting company could.

You would never have access to this investment service on the internet if I had not learned how to create a website. I could not have built this site in a million years without a wonderfully unique company called Solo Build It!.

Building a Quality Website, Not so easy

There is tons more to learn and know to creating a successful popular site then what may appear on the surface.

Solo Build It! walked me through the entire process step by step and supplies all the tools needed for success like no other web hosting company or college course has dared, and at a fraction of the cost - just the cost of the web hosting service.

And this was accomplished in a warm, friendly and professional format, making me feel special and part of a family that motivated me.

Serious Work on My Part to Make this a Reality

Yet, the work of building my investment service site contents, and building the website itself, required hard work, time, and tender loving care.

I had to commit myself to possess the humility and diligence to follow the wise and helpful directions Solo Build It! provides.

HTML required for readability and professionalism

I started my subscription to Solo Build It! at a time when HTML was necessary..

That is no longer the case.

Several years ago, Solo Build It invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours building a platform in which HTML knowledge is no longer required. The new platform looks and works very much like Microsoft Word.

At the time though, when I signed up, The actual creating of the content using the site builder required at least some basic HTML to build a decent site.

For instance, I desired to use bold, italics, colors, or variants in text sizes, sub-headings, and text styles, spacing and more breaks between paragraphs and centering for what I felt would make the contents more readable and professional looking.

These are basic HTML improvements.

Basic HTML Required to Create a Professional Site

Basic HTML is all anyone should use on a successful professional business site. Keep it basic and simple!

Such sites are well organized, consistent in design, and easy on the eyes. Such a site loads quickly and does not look tacky and too complex, which distracts the reader from the actual content, products, and services offered.

Basic HTML and Quality Content that Helps Others is what Counts

If my site content does not attract interested readers, than no amount of tacky carnival techno-wonders will make my site any more readable or keep people from leaving my site.

In fact, just the opposite will happen - readers will be distracted, and my investment service site will lose credibility fast.

Biggest Hurdle - HTML

The biggest hurdle for me was the thought of having to learn to use basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and then taking the time to build my site using that language.

Really, learning HTML is not difficult, but it was a big hurdle psychologically for me that set me back for about two years before I developed enough courage to continue.

I was just plain scared of HTML and thought I could never learn it.

HTML - Not as Scary as I thought. Do not panic.

All the knowledge I needed to build HTML code is free for the asking on the internet by just typing what I wanted to know in any search engine. Solo Build It! itself provides this information as well.

I finally realized that I didn't have to learn HTML.

All I needed to do instead was just plug in the coding for the affect I desired as I write. As I repeated the coding over a short time, I just remembered what I did and no longer needed to look at a website for the code. That is the easiest way to learn this stuff - just use it.

All the scary feelings I went through was totally unfounded. No one need worry about HTML. It's easy to use.

The Solo Build It! Block Builder - Amazing!

Building links, title, headlines, keywords, and all the rest of what makes a site become a star with the search engines and a hit with potential visitors is included in the price of Solo Build It! - Some seriously powerful tools.

Using the block by block Site Builder of Solo Build It! makes the building of a successful site automatic. I felt that my memory and comprehension skills were not the best and was anxious about that at first.

As time passed working with Solo Build It! I felt at peace...

The Site Builder directed me step by step to build each page of my site to be more appealing and successful than most other investment service sites on the internet.

You have Access to the Site thanks to Solo Build It!

Solo Build It is the Foundation that now gives you access to a genuine investment service site that will help you to become a successful penny stock investor.

The profit potential of investing in explosive trends in penny stock is enormous. Doubling your entire investment per year is conservative. You will learn more as you read on.

I cannot think of another business that is easier, safer or more rewarding then being an extraordinary investor of penny stocks. If that is what you desire, then this site is for you.

As you study this investment service, you will take from it huge dividends in knowledge and experience to help you make very successful low risk penny stock trades.

In addition though, I highly recommend Solo Build It! to anyone interested in investing the time to build a solid successful website from scratch on any topic they feel passionate about - to attract an audience, to help others, and even make a substantial income.

The investment of time and money you put into your own site may be time-consuming for a short time, but once built correctly, your site will likely attract interested viewers and/or customers for years to come and quite possibly for the rest of your life if you maintain your site on a regular basis.

And, if you do use Solo Build It! you have a statistically far better chance to be listed on the search engines in the top 3%! than any other web hosting company I am aware of. Definitely something to think about.

I haven't yet used all the powerful tools that Solo Build It offers. For instance, in time, I will add a Blog to my site and add social media as well. All the instruction is given on Solo Build It! to do this all successfully. Truly amazing.

My site is very new. As I write this section, I am still building this site. My site is not geared to making money, but rather helping people invest in penny stocks.

This site is an investment service for your benefit. And to that end, I hope I will succeed in creating an investment service site that will help you and thousands of investors to succeed far beyond mediocrity - to enhance their lives and make it possible for their dreams to become reality.

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An Investment Service that Keeps Paying you HUGE Dividends

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