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How to Locate, Target and Trade Rocket Stocks for Consistent Low Risk Explosive Profits

How you may benefit from this site. . .

Penny Stock Investment Strategies... 

This site is unlike any other site I have seen, or you will likely ever see.

I built this site to show the novice and professional alike the strategies I use to invest in penny stocks before they explode in value. I then show you the strategies necessary to sell before they retrace their gains to capture huge consistent profits.

This a complete investment strategy of strategies for rocket stocks. This is the real deal!



Open Your Mind

Feed Your Mind Properly

Accurate Knowledge is Proper Food

Most investors are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Knowledge to be a successful trader is what this site is all about.

• I use the same investment strategies to almost double my entire penny stock investments annually with 2 to 4 hours work per week and between 7 and 25 trades per year on 3 to 10 stocks.

• All extraordinary investors I am aware of use similar investment strategies to reap consistent profits from penny stocks that seem unbelievable.

• Enough evidence exists to prove that the investment strategies you will learn on this site will definitely work for you to capture the profits of rocket stocks if you use it.

• If your system or strategy of penny stock investing does not consistently profit from explosive 5% to 300% moves that penny stocks commonly enjoy, then why invest in them? 

Trading Rocket Stocks Before Technical Signals Develop

Such investing, before technical signals develop, is thought highly risky by technical traders. In reality, technical trading of rocket stocks is needless risk taking that ends in dismal profits, losses, and emotional stress and exhaustion. 

By redefining some traditional trading norms simple yet powerful investment strategies for buying penny stocks with explosive potential emerges delivering the Highest Profits with the Lowest Risk and Stress by far than any trading method I am aware of. This will all be explained as you read on.

Extraordinary Penny Stock Investment Strategies Hidden from the Public

Successful Penny Stock Investing is a secret to most investors.

3% of investors utilize variants of proven penny stock investment strategies to amass wealth from rocket stocks. Most other investors are continually led astray by their emotions entwined with all the technical trading schemes and systems, stock pick scams, newsletters and programs, and half-baked investment strategies so common on the internet today. 

How to Learn the Hidden Strategies of the Few

Is there any hope for the 97% of penny stock traders who are not privy to successful strategies of investing?

A stock site to be of any real value to 97% of penny stock investors should:

• teach how to consistently locate and trade rocket stocks profitably with low risk.

• be able to provide such information that the average person can understand and implement for success.

That is the purpose of this site.

How to trade penny stocks for the best investment returns:

To trade penny stocks successfully, proven penny stock investment strategies for capturing profits from rocket stocks are absolutely essential.

This site is as credible as my personal experience investing in penny stocks.

I've been investing in such stocks for well over 27 years, and teach others how to invest. I have experienced enough to know what works and what doesn't. That is why I am convinced and know that penny stocks are indeed the best stock investments - the last frontier where fortunes can be made by the individual investor.

I made expensive mistakes. 

Like most successful investors, the first 20 years of investing were a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. I lacked intimate understanding of the market and stocks. Such understanding is necessary to develop investment strategies tailored to capture profits from penny stocks that are poised to become rocket stocks.

Most individual investors go broke or give up long before they possess the experience to develop investment strategies that are successful.

There is no need for you to go through the many years of expensive emotionally and life draining mistakes most investors experience before you can even hope to be successful. 

Some bits of information you will see later that this site will build upon to develop the investment strategies necessary to be very successful in your mind of understanding...

What are penny stocks?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) developed guidelines to define Penny Stocks. For this site, penny stocks are defined as any stock on any financial exchange trading under $5 and has a market cap below $300 million. 

The Good and Bad Penny Stocks:

Less than half of all penny stocks are worthy exploration or developmental. A small percentage of these are high quality sleeper stocks that have truly novel high demand products in development. These are the ones I target as potential investment opportunities in rocket stocks.

Penny stocks commonly accumulate debt to pay for such activities even if they do earn some income.

Most successful companies start this way, so don't let the debt itself scare you away. The majority of all other penny stocks are fool's gold, scams, over-priced, or have mediocre products in development - more on that later.

Penny stocks are micro or nano capitalized stocks.

Because of this, select penny stocks commonly experience short term explosive trends on varied news coupled with company and market conditions without technical warnings beforehand.

Technical warnings are commonly missing from such penny stocks, because most investors have little interest in studying or following the risky penny stock until marketeers begin their professional marketing campaigns.

• This is just one of several major reasons why penny stocks are extremely risky for technical traders and most other traders. I provide more details as we continue our Journey.

• This is why penny stocks remain the Best Stock Investments for the individual investor using the proven investment strategies revealed on this site.

Penny stocks are the most profitable of any other legal investment for 3% of investors utilizing specialized investment strategies tailored to penny stock investing - this is the Extraordinary Investor.

Interesting market Statistics

• 10% of securities investors consistently earn solid profits.

• 2% to 3% extraordinary investors rule the penny stock market.

• 97% of traders make mediocre profits or lose money with penny stocks.

The most common failure of most traders is their attempt to trade rocket stocks on explosive trends already in progress on

• technical signals and programs,

• stock tips, newsletters and most penny stock sites

• incomplete fundamentals.

These strategies are extremely risky since rocket stocks likely jump 55% to 99% of a climax after several hours to a few days without reliable technical warnings, and then will plunge at a time when most investors least expect it within days or weeks... Most are duped, hypnotized or programmed, by marketeers, into believing the stock will go far higher.

Trend trading is, therefore, highly unreliable for penny stock trading of rocket stocks creating great risk.

Such buying and holding of a penny stock by technical traders and novice investors feeds the profits of those *extraordinary investors and *marketeers, both of whom already have positions in such stocks before they explode and before technical signals develop, and then sell before most other investors do for huge low risk profits.

Marketeers are those who invest in and then promote select penny stocks to the public in various forms of media for profit - pump and dump schemes.

Extraordinary Investors are those 3% stock traders who consistently earn huge profits trading penny stocks by utilizing proven investment strategies that work. These investors target the kind of high potential penny stocks that Marketeers target for future promotions.

The Extraordinary Investor is typically the first to invest in a select high potential stock before marketeers discover or begin investing in and then promoting / marketing the stock to the public in the form of

    * faxes,

    * mass e-mailings,

    * e-newsletters,

    * penny stock sites,

    * message boards, blogs

    * various social media channels,

    * telephone call or message.

Types of Penny Stocks Marketeers Promote

Marketeer target and promote either:

1) penny stocks that are shell companies - duds - with little history

2) high quality penny stocks that are in sleeper status (not being followed or actively traded). These types of stocks are real companies with exciting product(s) in development. 

Marketeers love to promote the 2nd type of stock, if possible, because:

  • Easier to promote and garner serious investor interest - those with the big money... Thus creating more volume, market cap, and liquidity of trading on a rocket stock.

  • Will likely be paid very well to professionally promote the company.

  • Will be able to sell all their shares (dump) of the promoted stock at a substantial premium for high profit, low risk returns.

Extraordinary Strategies target the 2nd type of stock - the high potential sleeper stocks - for investing.

The Strategy is to invest in such stocks and then wait to capture profits of rocket stocks created by Marketeer Promotions or any type of news or trader activity.

This will not take long. . .

Usually, the stocks that the Extraordinary Investor is targeting and researching for investment are already on the radar of Marketeers for a future promotion.

Such Investor then invests in that sleeper stock and waits for the harvest. How long? Within hours to as much as 3 months is realistic.


An Extraordinary Strategy in a cautious economic climate is explained as follows:

A good secret to remember when penny stock trading is that in an unstable economy, with intense political unrest and terrorism, penny stock traders are far more cautious; they want safe investments.  In such a world climate we are now in there are ways you can make quick profits...

High potential penny stocks, that are at historic lows in this type of economy, will shoot up about 5% to 15% and then plunge again within minutes, hours, or within a day, especially after plunging below their historic lows.  This happens over and over.

Some of the historic low priced stocks I purchase from my personal list I sell the next day between a 10% to 20% profit.  After selling those shares, I then turn around and purchased them again when they plunge back down to their historic lows, or lower in some cases.

I do these types of trades especially when I see little likelihood of these high potential stocks rocketing hundreds of percent at this time. 

The economy may appear to be stagnating some, or worldwide political instability is intense; none of this bodes well for penny stocks, as traders are far more cautious.  However, taking small profits on good high quality penny stocks trading at historic lows that jump 5% to 20% short term really adds up over time.

What I do is buy a position of a high quality penny stock that is presently trading at an extreme low - an historic low.  I then either watch the stocks for the trading day, and/or set a limit sell order at 10% to 15% above the purchase price.  The profits add up!

Penny stock prices are always fluctuating by 5% or more if they trade at all.

If you have not done so already, please enter all your stock picks you desire to watch, either for practice or trading, into a Google financial portfolio. 

You will notice that the stocks you entered in your stock portfolio show not only the fluctuating prices of stock trades throughout the day, days, weeks and months, but also in the next column, will show the % moves as the stock trades. Then you can check the chart out for that stock and see how it moved in price for the day.

Now, if you watch penny stocks on your list that are at historic lows and all time lows, you will notice that, chances are, the stock will never plunge far beyond the lowest historic low. Yes, some will trade below an historic low, but not for long.  However, what you will notice is that the penny stock prices will briefly shoot up 5% to 20% at least once, or a couple times a day, but usually more. However, the stock eventually plummets back to the historic low as cautious traders take profits.  This will happen, unless the stock is not trading for a short time due to no trader activity on a thinly traded stock. . .

Set a Limit Sell order in advance to capture these quick spurts...

Make note of the common % moves each stock trades for the day.  In this way you can actually buy a stock, and set a limit sell order a little less than the common % moves the stock made the previous days.  You will get a sell confirmation when the stock is sold at a price that is at, or over, the percent move you anticipated if and when the stock actually hits that price level, which it commonly will within a day or two. 

Trading short spurts on thinly traded stocks requires that you invest appropriately. . .

On stocks with a market cap under $10 million, and thinly traded, you would be wise to trade $3,000 or less per stock.  

On stocks with a market cap under $4 million, and thinly traded, you would be wise to trade less than $1,800 per stock.

This site will show you how to screen for, locate, and target high quality, high potential penny stocks at historic lows.  


Finding Historic Lows

Historic lows are only useful if the stock has already truly reached an historic low. Those penny stocks trading for only 3 years or so that initially began trading over $2 will eventually plunge to just pennies no matter how good the stock may appear.  You must wait for that to happen to gauge a true historic low.... 

A penny stock will also plunge from a true historic low if the economy is unstable and investors are far more cautious - that is, if the penny stock never historically experienced a bad economy before.


The Extraordinary Investor profits from the hard work of Marketeers

Extraordinary Investors typically earn huge rewards off of the hard work of marketeers in their pump and dump schemes on high potential sleeper penny stocks.

This site is not here to teach you how to invest in inherently dud or scam stocks with little history.

Those are also promoted by marketeers.  At a future time, I will show members how to profit from scam stocks.

Your mission is to target high potential sleeper penny stocks that marketeers also target for their pump and dump campaigns. And that is what the extraordinary investment strategies revealed on this site will teach you how to do.

Not difficult to learn:

Any average person with a desire to be a very successful investor and the humble capacity to follow directions will gain the knowledge needed from this site to be an extraordinary investor.

These are the ones who will learn the secret investment strategies of the extraordinary investor. These are the ones who will change their financial status and life for the better by investing in the best stock investments today - penny stocks. 

Are you prepared to continue the journey? 

I have created this site for you - to be your ladder to success where most others fail. I invite you to take the Journey to greater success by learning the investment strategies of the top 3% penny stock traders.

Will you likely become a millionaire or billionaire? 

Never say Never! . . . You can take the following words of wisdom to the bank:

• Never invest in anything you do not fully understand.

• Must be able to take advantage of most risks that others take 

This Site is Your Portal to Success!

With this site you will possess the proper mindset, knowledge, tools, and skills to screen and locate exceptional penny stocks ready to explode in value and then invest for the greatest and safest monetary returns of any other securities I am aware of.

Rest easy, the knowledge to be an Extraordinary Investor is explained on this information on demand site for free so that even a 12 year old could understand. You are already being programmed to be successful, but probably are not even aware of it.

Helpful Products available but not necessary for success.

Several useful products will be made available for a small fee that are developed to work with the extraordinary investment strategies revealed only on this site.

These products will provide you even more assistance in developing your new skills quickly, but not necessary to be a successful investor.

You will become a far more successful investor then you were by using the free information on this site.

See and experience for yourself the increased investment success and rewards you accumulate by using this free site.

You will find this site is quite unique and helpful.

You have now reached the end of this subtopic:

Investment Strategies that Work!

When you are ready, please click on topic at the end of this page called, Explosive Trending Stocks - Penny Stocks

This topic to follow begins to explain my Journey to this point.  You will begin learning the development process of my Best Stock Investment Strategies - a personal introduction by the author of this site to learn the background information on:

• how this system of investing was developed

• why penny stocks are the best stock investments

A must read to fully understand what the rest of this site is teaching. 

I repeat again... Please do not skip anything if you really want to be re-programmed for success.

Follow the directions and the links as directed and you will succeed, because that is how this site was developed to work.

You may have already noticed the repetition and building of information with each new topic you click

On this page, you specifically learned about marketeers and the investment strategies that will allow you to profit from their hard work promoting the high potential penny stock.

This is the beginning of your familiarization and reprogramming that will work to create in you the potential to become an extraordinary investor - to succeed where most fail. You will profit from the risks they take.

You have completed this lesson on Investment Strategies

The next lesson begins the process of programming your mind to understand explosive trending stocks - the rocket stocks. Very important reading!

When you are ready to continue Your journey, please click on

Explosive Trending Stocks - Penny Stocks

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