Investment Success
with Penny Stocks

Profiting from Rocket Stocks

Investment Success with capturing consistent profits from rocket stocks, which are explosive trending stocks, requires specialized investment strategies. This is the only site I know of that reveals the secret investment strategies of the Extraordinary Investor in its fullness.

Penny stocks are prized for their explosive trending potential, but few know how to locate or capture profits from such rocket stocks before the rocket trend begins.

Rocket Stock Investing of Penny Stocks is a whole new ballgame . . .

The majority of technical signals and triggers are fools' gold when attempting to predict explosive trends in penny stocks. Reason were given, and will be repeated in different ways as you continue.

Successful Investing in Rocket Stocks

Investment success with rocket stocks required that I learn what to look for and how to use complete fundamental analysis with technical tools as an aid.

These secret strategies are understood and utilized by only 2% - 3% of investors. Such strategies are specifically designed to profit from explosive trending stocks - the rocket stocks. And that is what I desire to show you.

VOILA! Investment Strategies that Work!

After a couple years I finally developed a system of investment strategies that worked well to locate rocket stocks with uncanny accuracy.

I tested my trading strategies by first paper trading for quite a while - making virtual trades. Such trading added experience helped me tweak the strategies even further.

My investment success trading penny stocks began to grow dramatically.

Many of my stock picks easily exploded in value at least 15%. My average percent profit on all paper trades was 47.54% within 8 months.

Would my virtual results work in the real world?

My first formal attempts with real money netted me 52.86% profit on my total investment of $8000 in a little over three months with trades on four of the best penny stocks on my list of stocks.

Considering that all this experimental investing was accomplished in a stagnant market and with little experience using this new method, I felt the return on my investment was reason to rejoice. I was finally doing something right, But I still had to prove to myself that this investment success was repeatable with real money.

After all the improvements and with experience I began doubling and then tripling my investments on select rocket stocks in a short time.

I lost nothing to very little on most of the trades that did not explode. Why? Because of how I screen and target stocks, and research companies, and plan my trades. I want to show you how I do this. On this site, I do just that.

A recent example of my investing success as I write this. . .

Just within the past 8 months of the dismal stock market, from July 2009 to February 2010, my yield on my total investment money was over 90%.

Time involved studying stocks. . .

My average time spent on research, monitoring, and investing during this time was 1/2 hour per day or 3 hours per week.

When I first started using my new investment strategies, the research time was far greater - about 20 to 30 hours per week.

Once I studied and understood the stocks of my interest, all I had to do from that point was continue to monitor them for investment or re-investment opportunities, and introduce new choices to my stock mix as I discovered them. Remember what I said about specializing in the stocks you invest in?

The kind of investment success I had so far experienced is typical for me in a recessionary climate.

Had I invested more of my time on research and investing, I am certain I could have easily tripled my investment, or even far more, in a growing market climate.

Mistakes Happen

Have I misjudged the potential of stocks?

Have I made bad trades?


Those bad trades for me are mostly those stellar rocket stocks that I sold too soon and lost out on over 300% extra profit.

Other stock investments I lost very little - I did not anticipate a future change that took place in the company and its strategy.

And some really tricked me and I lost on.  That is bound to happen to even the most seasoned and successful traders.

Losses are never really losses, but learning experiences... And experience if vital! 

Such negative trades are becoming far less frequent with experience.

Never underestimate the power of experience founded on correct strategies - they go hand in hand.

Some things you just cannot fully explain in writing. You actually have to experience working with penny stocks to fully understand how this works.  That will take some time and patience.  The rewards for your patience is great. 

Later on I will give you examples of events you should watch for to avoid and remedy costly mistakes.

Simple, Fun, Rewarding

I now had all the evidence I required to convince me that consistent investment success with rocket stocks is a reality, is almost stress free, is practically risk free, and amazingly simple and genuinely fun and exciting to implement.

Added Bonus Windfall Profits!

When investing in stocks about to explode in value I am at times blessed by explosive gains of between 300% to well over 1000% on some of the positions I hold. It's bound to happen to you too when your strategy of investing focuses on capturing profits from explosive penny stock trends - rocket stocks.

Such explosive yields are only possible by correctly investing in stocks with high explosive potential. All other types of stock trading do not have this added reward bonus built in except as a freak accident.

In the next section called "Investment Benefits", I will show you some astounding benefits of learning and using the investment strategies this site will teach you that make this site far more valuable to you than any other penny stock site I am aware of for your own investment success.

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