Investor Password

Investor Password is the last subtopic of the topic

"Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing."

After this subtopic, you will be ready to learn the mysteries of the system of investment strategies for penny stocks in an ever more in depth manner.

Even so, this information is not difficult to comprehend. You will easily learn all this site desires for you IF you patiently open your mind to being programmed by this site in the way this site directs you.


How to Use This Site and the BLUE button.

Note: The color BLUE is a symbol for Extraordinary and Mystery.

When you have studied this site all the way up to the Congratulations Page and the Blue Button you will have all the letters necessary to type in the Investor Password. At that time, you will be extraordinary and a mystery because of the hidden knowledge you possess.

I have not included any of the password letters or numbers in the pages you have so far studied.

Within the pages to follow, if you are really reading and studying this site, you will be introduced to all 7 digits of the Pass Code to enter the Blue Section.  I will alert you to each digit of the Pass word as you continue to read the topics and subtopics after this page.

By experience using this knowledge that you have and will continue to study, you will continue to develop your Mind of Understanding. Your success in accumulating wealth in the penny stock market by investing in penny stocks will grow.

Only 3% of penny stock investors in the world possess the knowledge you will receive once you reach the Blue Button.

For those who take this site seriously, start by studying all the topics of this site - in the order that this site directs you.

I include a link to the next topic or lesson at the end of every topic you read and study. Such a link is supplied at the end of this introduction as well.

After you are finished studying all the topics of this site you will be ready to enter the investor password and press the blue button, which is located on the Congratulations Page.

The blue button contains a product that is not necessary for your success, but was especially constructed as an aid for those who have completed studying all the previous information before the blue button.

For the blue button to work, you must enter the seven digit Investor Password, and the digits must be in the order that you find them as you continue your Journey on this site after this page. This is my way of limiting the number of readers or viewers of the hidden knowledge within the Blue Button to only those that truly deserve such knowledge.

The packet of information within the blue button is put together with much thought and provides a compressed structural outline (based on all previous topics before it) on which to base all investment decisions specializing in penny stocks and penny stock investing.

You will also learn effective (extraordinary) shortcuts to screening and locating solid novel penny stocks with the highest potential to become rocket stocks.

Other aids for success are included that help you understand how all this information works.

The Blue Button Packet is dependent on Recollecting the Free Site knowledge

The contents of this Packet is fairly simple, and is only a fraction of the length of the website - but when coupled with all the previous knowledge you have accumulated - It Is Powerful!

By entering the Investor Password and then clicking on the page to get this packet of info, it is assumed that you have studied this website, learning its mysteries.

The e-packet under the Blue Button is only powerful in helping you if you have studied the free website, because you must recollect much of the information for the packet to be of high value to you - especially in regards to avoiding risks.

The purpose of constructing this additional packet is as follows:

• To help you develop and improve your understanding of the investment strategies for penny stock investing contained on this site more quickly

• To develop your investor traits further and faster by studying this information and using the structured outline

• To provide tools that will help you to become more efficient at screening, locating, investing and profiting from penny stocks.

NOTE: None of this information will be meaningful in developing your mind of understanding unless the foundation is first built by studying all previous sections before it. That is why I developed the Investor Password.

Investor Password:

Each digit of the password is found within the information contained when viewing the topics that follow.

NOTE: If you have any question, or desire to communicate with me, then send your email to: Title your email with the word "Extraordinary." Thanks.

Start by studying the first topic, then the next topic, and the next, until you complete all of them and all their sub-topics.

Each topic represents a piece of a puzzle.

The investor password digits are easy to find if you are really reading, because each topic will alert you to when you are approaching the next letter to the password.

After entering the 7 digit investor password to the blue button, you must then pay a toll fee of $12.

This fee is very small but is just one last road block set up to limit the number of individuals who have access to the information within the Blue Button.

Any monies this site receives will be used for paying the expenses for this site and also act as a fund for future free helpful websites on various topics. For that is my purpose for living - to become a Force of Good on this earth.

This bears repeating...

The information within the Blue Button is only valuable if the foundation for penny stock investing is first laid correctly by studying and taking to heart the other topics of information first.

Caution! If the foundation is not laid then the information within the blue button will be diluted in its power to aid you. Naturally if you cheat and gain access to and study the product before taking the Journey to that point, you will be wasting time and money.

The most powerful product for your success is contained in the free website you are now reading. The products contained on this site are for anyone that desires extra help to get to that place faster who are still having difficulty.

Start learning patience now and do not attempt to cheat.

The time it takes to study the contents of this site will not take that long, so just do it. It is time well spent, and is an investment for your future of happiness and success for the rest of your life.

Those few who click on this site and complete the study of this site from start to finish without cheating, just as this site directs you, will be rewarded. You will be worthy to receive all this site has to offer you.

I predict that only 1% or less will follow through to find the investor pass code to the Blue Button and will not think seriously enough to invest $12 for their success.

These persons would rather remain in a substandard life for the rest of their lives.

Still others would rather pay thousands of dollars to a college to teach them how to earn a living the traditional way at a 40 hour per week, plus overtime, job for the rest of their lives.

We need all these types of people in your society, and I respect them and their choices in life.

The investor password coupled with the $12 access fee is a necessary strategy that effectively weeds out those who were not meant to be successful penny stock investors.

This strategy also limits the number of extraordinary investors being developed to those who really desire and need it.

When you cheat in life, you cheat yourself out of the best life has to offer you. So make up your mind now whether you really desire to take the time to take this journey into a new world of possibilities for your life and your future - for the rest of your life!

Remember the investor traits:

Experience / Perseverance / Patience / Humility / Open Mind

Experience is an indispensable teacher in itself. After you complete being educated by this site and begin investing, do not be alarmed or disheartened if you make some bad trades in the beginning while attempting to use the information from this site.

Experience is necessary to break old habits, squash rebellious thoughts, and solidify in your Mind of Understanding all this site has taught you...

Experience with some bad trades is necessary to force you to not rebel, but stay true to the study of penny stocks just as this site is revealing to you.

I also suggest you paper trade for a while first to develop your talents and gain confidence. Don't be so quick to start investing real money. You got this far, and I congratulate you. Please take baby steps at first.

Congratulations!  You have now completed this subtopic:

Investor Password

the last subtopic of the topic:

Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing

I commend you on your wise decision to continue your study. You are being ushered into a new chapter of your life for the better.

Continue on this Journey when you are ready, and write down each digit of the Pass Code in the order that they are given you.

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