Investor Programming for
Successful Pennystock Investing

Investor Programming gives you the nuts and bolts of how this site programs your mind for successful investing. . .

Investor Programming. . .

Brainwashing - still one of the most Effective Methods of Learning and programming the human mind.

The power of the written language to change attitudes and lives is well documented.

This site consists of written words formed and designed to provide you the essential information necessary to trade penny stocks for consistent rewards that are far greater and less risky than from any other investment on earth that I am aware of - to become an extraordinary investor.

Important terms and bits of knowledge are repeated and built upon throughout this site. Why? Because that is how your mind naturally learns things in real life from a new born baby on up.


This site is unique in many ways - one of them is the format.

All the "how to" promises of this site that you have read and will soon read will be answered and fulfilled, but not in the organized format you might be expecting...

This site uses brainwashing, an investor programming of the mind, that will help you recall, remember, understand and comprehend this information far better.

This method is more successful and natural than attempting to study and memorize impersonal organized concepts that may look pretty and seem logical but are not fully comprehended enough to make it work in actual practice without much experience.

Despite the negative connotation of brainwashing, this method of investor programming is the most effective means of

• familiarizing you with this method of investing.

• integrating information into your mind of understanding with the least amount of work by you - but only if you do not resist or rebel.

Just read with an open mind, and let this site do the work, its magic, for your benefit.

Don't try to memorize, just focus completely on what is stated so that you may understand. Picture it in your mind.

Re-read any section you desire but do not skip anything even if you think you know the subject.

Set aside quality time for this site. This site desires to show You the way to success. You must be personally connected to it mentally and emotionally. Treat this as an important time.

Investor Programming for Your Success

This method of investor programming is the only way I know of to develop in you the attributes and talents necessary to be an Extraordinary Investor in far less time and stress than the approximately 20 years Hard Knocks it took me to learn the same thing.

Pictures and Images

Like most novels you may have read, this site contains few pictures and images; so, if you feel at any time you need a break, then take a break. You have plenty of time, do not rush yourself out of a quality educational process for your success and well-being.

I have a really great suggestion that may work for you.

Since this site does not contain many graphics, I suggest you listen to a music station with very little lyrics or materialistic/romance type stuff - just easy listening. Music that puts you in a meditative mood is best.

My suggestion. . .

New updated link. . .

Play that free station in the background as you read, and your mind may become far more receptive to the investor programming this website provides for your success. See if this works for you.

Investor Programming. . .

This site, if followed from beginning to end, will take your mind on a journey

This site will infiltrate your mind and will open a whole new world of possibilities for your life and your future - possibilities that otherwise would have been a distant reminder of failure for the rest of your life.

If that is what you need, then you are at the right place.

All of the information on this site has a purpose and reason for being here.

This topic, Stock Market Basics, builds the foundation necessary for later topics to develop. Investor Programming is a subtopic of that topic. This entire overview is essential to study - it's all here for your benefit.

History shows that being anxious kills dreams and hopes

Don't be anxious about the time it takes to read this site. I guarantee you that you will learn what it takes to be a successful penny stock trader in far less than the 22 years of trial and error it took me to understand all this.

I lost hundred of thousands of dollars in the market over that 22 year period. I lost my life's savings repeatedly. I went through so much agony and torment to get to where I am now. I have been humbled and humiliated by the market. Despite the vast profits I made, I would lose it again and end up in the poor house over and over. I lost out on family, on friendships, and many of the dreams and hopes I had for myself.

One of my greatest hopes and dreams in life at the present, is to be that Force of Good to others - to give you the guidance I did not receive. My dream is to change lives for the better.

My purpose for this site is to save you that grief, and to lift you up to be that extraordinary investor - to empower you become Master. . . to crown You as King of the Penny Stock Market. I desire you to reap the rewards in every way for your entire life.

Be Patient and Focused . . . Enjoy the Journey!

You don't have to take that same path to success that I did. I did if for you. So, be patient and enjoy the journey to successful penny stock investing where doubling and tripling your investment per year is a conservative reality if done right - and that is what I will show you. . . How to do it right.

I am thinking that if you put aside 15 minutes to 1 hour per day reading at a slow and leisurely pace contemplating what this site is teaching you, that you will receive the knowledge necessary as the foundation to becoming an extraordinary investor within three months.

But even if you take a year to learn all this, is that so bad? One year out of your entire life, is that so terrible?

This is a lot less time than working for a degree at college, and far less expensive!

Plus, the strategies on this site actually work for your investment success in Penny Stocks. A college degree will fail to create that kind of success for you in Penny Stock Investing.

What is expected of you to gain the benefits of this site?...

Read any number of pages you desire at one time, but only as directed and only when you are able to set aside time to do so, because All of You is needed by this site to teach You what it has to offer. Be completely focused.

You can stop studying at any time, and start again where you left off at another appropriate time that you designate for yourself.

You may re-read sections if you like. But when you are connected to this site, be committed to it and do not skip anything; rather, allow this site to lead you through a journey of possibilities for you and your future.

Knowledge gained still requires Experience

After you receive this knowledge, you still must develop your skills by experiencing all the areas of study this site directs you to.

Within 7 months of virtual investing and real time investing founded on the preparation this site provides for you, you will be making far more successful trades...

What would you do to become a Millionaire?

Eventually, through the method of investor programming this site uses, you will become an extraordinary investor - an elite 2% - 3% of investors. Just think, in under about a year you will be earning the money you hoped for from penny stocks - no longer a dream.

Everyone is different. No one, not even you, can determine just how long you will need to develop successful penny stock trading skills. So, just take it one step at a time, one day at a time.  Do not give up.  Eventually you will develop a mind of understanding for successful penny stock investing.

Experience Required for any New Activity learned

After the knowledge is received, experience is essential as noted earlier. You must begin trading with the knowledge you gained - following the directions given. Paper trade for a while first to gain confidence in your new abilities.

You are going to make mistakes. Treat mistakes as learning experiences - opportunities to understand how this all works. You still have to take baby steps until this all sinks in. Paper trading is a good way to get experience without losing your hard earned money to mistakes made.

This site really supplies all you need to avoid the risks, and take advantage of the risks of others, when locating and investing in penny stocks poised to explode in value. You must experience this for yourself to become empowered to be a Master. 

Why? Because no book on earth, no schooling in the world will do any good unless you use it in real life.  Through experience using the knowledge gained, you then develop real life understanding on how this all works together. 

Judgment Errors are a Killer

This site also helps prevent you from making judgment errors when locating and investing in stocks that, on the surface, may appear potential winners. I wrote this from my own personal experience trading this system. This will all be understood and overcome as you continue Your Journey.

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Investor Programming for Successful Pennystock Investing.

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