Predicting Trends in
Penny Stocks

Predicting Trends. . .

Predicting an explosive trend in share prices... long thought impossible.

I affirm to you that consistently predicting trends of rocket stocks before they happen is realistic. Proper fundamental analysis and technical preparation is vital.

Much essential information has already been given in the previous pages regarding these extraordinary strategies with the intent that you will experience similar success trading rocket stocks. This page and what is to follow continues on this theme.

The many advantages extraordinary investors claim over other investors...

The extraordinary investor (through the use of fundamental analysis, with basic technical analysis as an aid) really does have the opportunity to peer into the future trend of a company's stock value before most traders become aware - including technical traders.

The extraordinary investor claims the following advantages of predicting trends above all other traders:

• you will be able to purchase shares of a company at bargain prices before the new values are technically visible as a change in value or trend

• you will already be positioned in a trade well before technical analysis confirms the new fundamental information on the stock.

• you will already be positioned in a trade before professional marketeers invest in and/or promote a good stock through various media.

• You will be making huge profits off of technical investors, swing traders, and pigs, and even marketeer promoters as they invest after you do, driving the share prices up 5% to 300% or more in a short time.

• few other investors rely on a study of complete fundamentals, giving you the advantage over most other investors to predict trends that explode in value.

• few investors fundamentally study and follow developmental penny stock companies, especially on the OTC BB

Most good investors feel that OTC stocks are highly risky and likely scams. Only as exciting new becomes popular do other investors take notice and begin investing in such "risky" stocks, after the Extraordinary Investor and Marketeers are already well invested.

This investor perception of OTC BB penny stocks as risky stocks gives you, the Extraordinary Investor, the investor advantage over most other investors and traders in predicting trends in penny stocks with great accuracy.

• You will not have to compete with most mutual fund managers or other institutional investors [that must invest hundreds of thousands, millions or billions of dollars] when searching for exciting penny stocks because penny stocks are too thinly traded to be of value to such deep pocketed investors.

All the evidence of fundamental and pertinent technical analysis is studied and viewed as a whole entity.

This evidence creates a very accurate picture of each company of focus.

This accurate picture logically identifies the most favorable trading opportunities at the right time and at the best target entry and exit points.

You will be shown how to interpret fundamental and technical data to predict trends with great accuracy. The result is that you will make very successful trades consistently.

Predicting Trends and Profiting from them is not as complex as it may seem once you learn how:

• Almost all of the fundamental and technical information you need can be found online for free in a short time.

• As you continue to study all the information on this site, you will easily understand how fundamental and technical analysis are used together in predicting trends consistently and make profitable trades.

At some point, all this information will fit together into your mind even better than you may think it does now.

Basic technical analysis signals are important to predict trends:

The investing of many hours in tedious study of expensive and complicated trending and charting software is counterproductive to successful trading in penny stocks.

Most of these designer tools do not accurately identify future trends in penny stock values as they are suppose to do for trading blue chip stocks, commodities and the financial indexes.

Technical software works best for swing traders and day traders, but as more traders use technical formulas, the less effective they become in predicting trends.

Forget all the exotic charting methods and formulas. Stick with the basic historical price and volume charts, indicators, basic chart patterns, and complete fundamental analysis to

• determine whether shares of a stock are trading at a bargain

• predict trends that explode in value and you will succeed in your investment choices.

Fundamental Data and Basic Technical Data is Vital for you to put huge profits in your acct

Pay close attention to the study of fundamental indicators (the fundamental assets of a company) and of the basic technical indicators and charting patterns in stock prices and volume in predicting trends. In this way, you will avoid all the static or white noise created by tiny technically induced trending patterns, and other false technical signals, and focus solely on genuine trends in shares of stock that only fundamentals can accurately warn you of.

You have completed this lesson on Predicting Trends in Penny Stocks.

When You are ready please begin the next very important lesson on penny stock trading risks. You must know the risks in order to turn them into trading benefits for extraordinary trading.

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