Stock Market Basics
For Penny Stock Investing

Rocket Stock Strategies of the Top Penny Stock Traders for Safe and Consistent Explosive Profits

This topic called; Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing, consists of more subtopics than any other topic on this site.


Because this topic is an overview that prepares your mind for the full revealing of the investment strategies required to successfully locate, target and trade those elusive rocket stocks.

All future topics will fully reveal the essential strategies that you will now be introduced to in this topic - Stock Market Basics.

Are you looking to trade penny stocks successfully? . . .

breathe easy,
You are at the right place!

My desire is that you will experience for yourself the investment success of the top 3% penny stock traders - the Extraordinary Investors.

You can conservatively double Your penny stock investments every year by learning and using the investment strategies revealed on this site. I know this is true from personal experience.

While many extraordinary investors do triple or more their total penny stock investments per year, your results will depend on your personality, self-discipline, and the hours of work you are willing to put into research and monitoring the stocks on your hot list of stocks.

This site will give you all you need, but you must learn and use it to succeed.

Erase from Your Mind the Myth that Extraordinary Investors are Gifted

One of the myths that Stock Market Basics will forever erase from your mind of understanding is that some investors are just gifted while the rest of us are just out of luck! . . .

Why are Extraordinary Investors so Successful?... In-Born Gift? or Learned Experience?

These investors are "extraordinary" because of their uncommon ability to trade penny stocks very successfully with the attitude, knowledge and experience they possess, and definitely not because they are more intelligent, more educated, or more gifted than any other average or even below average person.



Open Your Mind

Feed Your Mind Properly

Accurate Knowledge is Proper Food

Most investors are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Knowledge to be a successful trader is what this site is all about.

Stock Market Basics for Penny Stocks will provide you a complete overview that uncovers the Untapped Potential of trading these highly explosive trending securities.

QUESTIONS that Stock Market Basics for Penny Stocks will fully answer for you:

• Is the locating of good penny stocks that will soon explode in value possible and realistic?

• If so, can such stocks be accurately located?

• Can this be accomplished with minimal risk and minimal time?

• Do investors exist that actually make a living investing in penny stocks?

The answer to all: YES 

You are wise to be suspicious

With so many technical trading and penny stock websites, and a plethora of investment scams and schemes on the internet, who can you trust? You are wise to be suspicious. 

After reading all the sections of Stock Market Basics for Penny Stocks, you will have to admit that this is the most unique site you will ever see.

Unlike other information sites, this site is specifically designed for your success. This site is not like most other sites in that

• this is NOT an advertisement or marketing ploy or scam to coax you or advise you into investing in any particular stock or investment scheme, multi-level or otherwise, with grandiose promises of great wealth.

• this is NOT propaganda that mass media efforts are promoting over many investment sites that give you enough knowledge of investing to hang yourself and make them rich, but not what you need to succeed beyond the level of mediocrity.

• this is NOT a site that's just about the basic mechanics of investing that fails to also show you how to develop the talent and investment strategies necessary to successfully invest in penny stocks for the greatest returns on your investment.

• this site describes terms like technical trading, day trading, swing trading, rocket stocks and many other terms in a unique way. What you think you may have known before about simple investment terms is nothing like this site provides.

• this site teaches the best of the penny stock trading strategies - a system that 3% of penny stock investors use for consistent huge profits from the market.

This site was designed to develop a complete system of investing within your mind of understanding that works! 

And Stock Market Basics provides the essential overview for this process to take place.

I invite you to allow this site to take you on a journey

This site is dedicated to helping you - the investor or would be investor - succeed in penny stock trading far beyond mediocrity or failure. 

Are you prepared to go on this journey from beginning to end?

Are you prepared to be flooded with information that could change your life for the better?

Did you answer "yes" "maybe" "I will try it" or "will see"? ...

Okay! Then let's get started. 

Remember. . .

Statistically 1% to 3% will follow the instructions given and read this site from beginning to end with an open surrendered mind and will be greatly rewarded.

The rest of the readers will drop out and attempt to take short cuts somewhere along the journey. These will cheat themselves out of success and continue on their way. The few who remain will be the ones chosen to receive all this site desires for you.

When you are ready, please continue to read the subtopics of this topic called Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing just as this site directs you.

As the first subtopic of Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing, "Penny Stock Risks," will provide an overview of good reasons why penny stocks are by far the most profitable low risk stock investments for the informed individual investor:

When you are ready, please click on the following link to continue Your Journey...  Penny Stock Risks

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