Trading Strategies

Not New Like I Thought!

The Trading Strategies for penny stocks as revealed and taught on this site, although developed by me, have long existed as the same ones used by millionaire investors since before technical trading was developed.

I continued to perfect and streamline my investment strategies to what it now is today - an extremely accurate and powerful scientific method that works to locate and trade rocket stocks - those penny stocks with the highest potential to explode in value soon.

I discovered that my system of trading was not entirely unique.

I learned that such trading strategies were the major source of successful investing by a minority of investors historically before technical trading was ever taken seriously.

In fact, I can say with confidence that at least 95% of millionaires who made their money from the stock market use the same kind of system of investing I use for penny stocks.

However, before the computer age and the internet, locating and trading rocket stocks on complete fundamental analysis was extremely time consuming and tedious.

I am thinking many investors today do not grasp how simple and quick a full research of companies can be with the right knowledge, skill, mindset, and experience - but only if one understands what to look for and how to use it.

Approximately 2% - 3% of investors utilize a similar stock investing system of strategies specifically designed to locate and profit from rocket stocks.

To my surprise I discovered that a small number of penny stock investors today use a very similar approach to locating and investing in stocks ready to explode. Many of these investors make their living from rocket stock investing.

They are called extraordinary investors. I coined this name to identify this type of investor from all other investors or traders including professional day traders and swing traders.

Some of us began communicating. Their ideas were helpful and I improved or refined my trading strategies even more. You can find such stock investors at innovative product conferences held in various cities across the US.

Total Change for the Better for Me and for You

So much has changed for me in my life in just seven years since beginning my own journey to this point.

My journey has led me to discover and develop trading strategies that work to provide 60% to 90% profit on my investments! The 20 years previous seem like a distant memory; yet, in some way, it's as if it was just yesterday.

I intimately empathize with the many investors who suffer losses in the market.

What I now know and understand and use to locate and trade explosive trending stocks - the rocket stocks - I share with you on this site to the best of my ability.

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Trading Strategies - Not New Like I Thought!

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