Investment Promises:
All You Need to Become an
Extraordinary Investor

This Beta Version and My Investment Promises to You:

Diversifying income streams is desirable.

While I may allow ad links on this penny stock site, and will offer helpful products for sale, I ask for no monetary reward for revealing the complete system of investment strategies specializing in rocket stocks investing, but only for this beta version. That is a promise.

You are encouraged to write about your success using this site to trade penny stocks on the message board or blog that will be added later on. Also any helpful advice is appreciated so this site may better serve others. Such feedback is precious and helpful to all who read them. Become a part of the learning process.

The investment promises of this beta version

This beta version is a draft. As such, grammatical errors exist. This version contains few illustrations or artwork. Where illustrations could help you get a better understanding on a particular technique or topic, I will direct you to good non-affiliated sources to review.

What you will see on this site is solid information on how you may achieve similar investing results trading penny stocks that works for me and others like nothing else I am aware of.

In actuality, this site reveals and teaches the safest and most profitable investment strategies for penny stocks that I use to almost double my investment every year with far less actual trading or risk compared to all other strategies of stock trading.

This Site was designed to be Your Portal to... Successful Investing

In a nutshell, I believe this site will help you develop

• the right attitude/philosophy,

• the right process,

• the right tools

• the right system of Strategies

for your success in capturing the profits from rocket stocks - to become an Extraordinary Investor.

NOTE: Successful investing is a business! Never underestimate that fact.

Reprogramming - an attempt to renew a proven method of learning:

I carefully designed this site to guide the open minded serious reader's development into an extraordinary investor by what I would call reprogramming or brainwashing. This is the best way for anyone to comprehend these skills coupled with a desire to learn and experience this system of proven strategies.

This site was designed to take your mind on a journey to successful investing that will become a part of your mental processes of thinking. That is what I designed this site to do.

You are already being influenced by this programming... Notice that each topic you visited and read so far has built on the one before it, which builds familiarity and trust as future topics build upon topics you have already studied.

For now, you have been reading a repetition of introductions that encourage you to continue. Strategies and key bits of important knowledge are being introduced to you that will be covered in more depth in later topics. This repetition and building upon previous topics so far is the absolutely necessary groundwork that is easing your mind into a preparedness for what is to come.

There is so much to tell you to avoid the pitfalls and increase your odds of success when investing in penny stocks. . .

For the investment promises to work for you on this site, I encourage and warn you to read everything from beginning to end without skipping anything just as this site directs you. If you do this, then you will gain all the investment promises this site is proclaiming to you.

You will know why you must read everything as directed when you read on. Please follow and click on the links at the bottom of each page, including this one.

This is a Journey!

Take this journey to completion and you will achieve success with penny stocks. But more than that you will be earning what you need to enhance your goals and your entire life. That is the key investment promise you can bank on!

I am Steven

You have completed reviewing the Investment Promises of this site.

Next Topic:

Penny Stock Market Basics . . .

Extremely Essential Reading! that prepares your mind for all this site desires to teach you. You may not be aware of this, but you have already learned important lessons from the topics you've read thus far. Your knowledge and understanding will continue to grow as you read - That is how this site was developed.

The next major topic, which has many sub-topics, will review, introduce, and get into greater depth those strategies you have already been introduced to. But is much more than that!

. . .Stock Market Basics identifies and reviews the mysterious strategies of the Extraordinary Investor so that a 5th grader could understand. This new section is so vital!

If you plan on continuing your journey on this site from this point forward, you must take "Stock Market Basics" seriously, because all the sub-topics here will build upon the strategies previously hinted at.

You will also be drawing upon the knowledge gained under Stock Market Basics in later topics.

As you continue onward to future topics beyond Stock Market Basics, your mind will be made to understand in depth coverage of the Investment Strategies of penny stocks investing I promised to you - the Investment Promises.

When you have completed your study of Stock Market Basics and its sub-topics, then you will possess the familiarity with the Extraordinary Investment Strategies necessary to fully comprehend what is to follow.

When you are ready to continue, please click on the link:

Stock Market Basics for Penny Stock Investing

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