The Investor Advantage

For Penny Stock Trading

This is How You can Double and Triple Your Investments Every Year

The Unfair Investor Advantage with Penny stocks. . .

The extraordinary investor has one important rule in common with the professional gambler - put the real money down only when the odds are stacked in your favor.

The only way to know if the odds are stacked in your favor is:

1) solid research.

2) knowing what to research.

3) how to use the information once collected.

4) knowing when to hold them and when to fold them.

That is how the extraordinary investor gains an unfair investor advantage in penny stock trading over most traders who do not do proper research.

  • Most traders will not do the research necessary for the 'risky' penny stocks until they are made aware of them by stock promoters - too late.
  • Such research is extremely vital in determining the health and potential of a target penny stock.
  • Such research is vital in targeting those high potential sleeper penny stocks the marketeers will soon begin promoting - these are the future rocket stocks.

Hardly a stock trader can be found that knows how to research penny stocks and what to look for to develop successful trades for rocket stocks.

Hardly a stock trader can be found that would commit to taking the time to do the full research of companies underlying stocks unless they truly believed it would pay off big time - which they don't!...


Because most stock traders are programmed by mass media to believe that:

  • penny stocks are risky; thus, a waste of time to try to figure out.
  • such fundamental research is inferior in every way to technical analysis and trading.
  • appears to be too much time and effort.

This site totally demolishes this lie when it comes to trading rocket stocks. I know this sounds harsh, but you will understand as you read on.

The Investor Advantage - Double or Triple Your Investment

Actually, one solid rocket stock trade using the Investor Advantage could easily double or triple your entire investment, but that in itself is risky.

Although the risk to you is low using this system of investment strategies, it is unwise to invest all your money into one penny stock - a risky habit which you should avoid if you want to hold onto your wealth once gained. I speak from experience!

The ONE Technical Trading Rule that is Flawed for Trading Rocket Stocks

Do you remember from the previous page that the basic rule of Technical Trading is that you should not invest in any stock until technical signals develop first?

This Technical Rule is extremely flawed for penny stock trading.

The Extraordinary Rule replaces the Technical Rule

Can You Trust Your Emotions?

You may confidently invest in something once you fully understand it. Only when you do this will your emotions work in your favor.

You can therefore be confident that, after an accurate understanding is gained, you will feel within your entire being that the security of focus is the best deal on the block with the greatest potential to explode in value soon on marketeer promotions.

That is the only type of feeling you can bank on for success.

What is meant by, 'The Best Deal on the Block'.

Firstly, your research must prove your stock to possess high potential to explode in value soon.

Secondly, your research must confirm to you that the stock is still in sleeper status...

'Sleeper status', means the high potential penny stock is not yet being promoted by media and marketeers; so, most traders are not yet following it. The stock is thus still thinly traded, and also trading at an historic low.

OTC BB penny stocks, in particular, are commonly not followed by most traders until marketeers target the stock and begin promoting it to traders in various forms of social media.

But, by then, the sleeper penny stock is a rocket stock.

Why not followed?

Because, unlike stocks traded on a stock exchange, most traders are very skittish about the quality of an OTC BB stock until it garners media attention. All this will make more sense as you continue.

How to locate Rocket Stocks before Technical Signals Develop

As you continue your journey on this site, you will learn about the areas of fundamental study that will reveal to you the potential of a penny stock to explode in value soon.

These are the same type of stocks that marketeers search for and target for marketeer campaigns.

This means that many, but not all, of the high potential sleeper stocks you invest in will soon become rocket stocks earning you huge profits off of explosive trends created by marketeer promotions.

This evidence backed emotion, as was just illustrated, is founded in proven strategies that work to profit enormously from rocket stocks.

This all translates into the Investor Advantage over all other traders.

This will all be explained in detail as you continue.

Complete Fundamental Research, according to the strategies this site is revealing, provides all that your Mind of Understanding requires to create highly successful trades with rocket stocks.

Such a system of strategies will. . .

• accurately determine the health and potential of a developmental company and its products in development within its current social, economic and political context.

• reveal a company's future potential success or failure - something technical analysis cannot do with penny stocks.

This is why you and I can actually invest with confidence in a stock before technical signals develop, and thus, before technical traders are aware.

The Trend Trader and the Stooge traders lose out on the Rocket Stocks of the Penny Stock Market

Since most other traders are primarily technical traders and stooges, they are naturally followers of a stock trend after marketeer promotions have already progressed.

Being a follower trend trader (swing trader) can work with small to large cap stocks pretty well, but are detrimental for rocket stock trading of penny stocks.


Because predicting trends requires reliance on technical indicators. A rocket trend of a penny stock is rarely preceded by reliable technical indicators.

Why so?

Because a rocket trend does not occur until stock promoters email their customers, or a new piece of news hits the market... both of which create an almost instant rocket stock as hoard investors buy like crazy over a short period of time.

Rarely will technical signals give enough advanced warning of such hoard investing until its happening. Not enough time to research and set up a trade. All this will be explained.

The Investor Advantage is KEY to giving you the Heads Up on potential rocket stocks before other traders know what's happening.

You will already be invested before all the marketing begins and before the hoard of trend traders and stooges begin trading it. Thus, you will definitely be one of the few chosen individuals to obtain the unfair investor advantage over most other traders.

You will be in a position to reap consistently low risk, high profit trades off the risks other traders take as the trend is already under way, and could plunge again soon.


Because you are already invested in the sleeper penny stock before marketeers begin buying up shares and promoting it. . .

Unlike most traders, you will know the extraordinary strategies to correctly locate, screen, study, target, and then invest in that high potential sleeper penny stock before marketeers begin promoting it, or when major news hits the market.

Unlike most traders, you will possess the knowledge necessary to reap low risk high profits from those rocket stocks by investing first.

That is the Purpose of this Site

You will be taking advantage of the risks others take for extraordinary profits.

How so?

Because . . .

1) while investment pigs, novice traders, swing traders, technical traders and other traders are looking to buy in on a new technical trend, or looking to play "follow the leader," you will already be invested in a high potential sleeper stock.

2) When other penny stock traders are buying on a rising trend based on advice from scam marketeer penny stock websites, stock lists, email alerts, stock robots, and technical trending, etc, (most are scams) you will have already sown your seed in sleeper high potential penny stocks at bottom prices.

3) You will know the quality and potential of that penny stock - something that technical data cannot tell you. Trading without this knowledge is like swimming in a dark pool without knowing what's in it. You must know what is in it if you want to target the same quality stocks that stock promoters will soon target. You must know whats in it if you want to avoid the risks and create highly successful trades in rocket stocks!

4) Technical trading cannot reveal the health of a penny stock - most are scams. Thus any technical signals that appear solid are, many times, fools gold, and will collapse far sooner than you think. Solid fundamentals must confirm the validity of technical trend changes for technical analysis to be of value.

5) As marketeers invest and promote a stock, and as most other traders invest in the highly promoted stock on a rising trend, you will already be invested.

6) You will take their money by selling as the rocket stock trend begins to top. . . Low risk, high yield profits. You take advantage of the risks other follower traders take. That is the Investor Advantage at work!

This gives you the edge, the investor advantage, over most penny stock traders.

What I have provided here is just a basic illustration that will be fully explained in many ways as you continue your journey on this site.

Transformed from a Victim of Scam Artists to Master of your own trading success by taking advantage of the Scam Artist.

Why can't I be a follower?

Because most everyone in the penny stock market is motivated by what they can get out of you.

Stock brokers, stock promoters, penny stock scam artists, and all other penny stock traders are out to make money off of you, even though they outwardly appear helpful.

You will learn how to safely judge a bottom and a top. Then, sell for low risk high profit trades.

You will be Empowered to become Master, Origin, King of Your trades by taking advantage of scam artists and the risks all other follower traders take in the penny stock market. That is how the Proven Strategies revealed on this site are designed to work.

You will No Longer be a Victim of all the penny stock gimmicks and scams promoted by social media in the form of penny stock sites, e-newsletters, faxes, phone calls, blog postings, penny stock message boards.

You will no longer be a follower.

Marketeers are not Technical Traders; so, neither should you be a Technical Trader - a follower. . .

Marketeers are successful in promoting stocks because they know how to research and target high potential penny stocks using fundamental analysis.

Then, such marketeers wield the power of fundamental analysis to create stock promotion copy.

Fundamentals are thus used by stock promoters to weave a story that influences other traders to invest in their penny stock of choice.

You have to learn how to think like a marketeer to beat them at their own game. But please, don't become like them!

Your Keys to Success

After you completely study this site and use it, you will hold the keys to your success - a new life.

That is how you will make a killing in the Penny Stock Market.

That is how you will change your life around and achieve all that you had hoped for your life.

Re-defining Fundamental Analysis for Extraordinary Investing to Succeed!

Fundamental Analysis is the Active Power behind the Investor Advantage - but how to use it, and how to define it, is Vital to make this all work.

Misinformation about Fundamental Analysis promoted Everywhere

I had to unlearn the consistent misinformation promoted by mass media regarding what fundamental analysis is. Only then could I escape the trap of dismal trading.

Fundamental Analysis means far more than mass media programs you to believe.

I will re-define and explain fundamental analysis and explain what to look for and how to use it for screening stocks, planning trades, and capturing the best profits from rocket stocks in later sections of this site.

NOTE: From this point forward, the word "Fundamental" is used with this new definition in mind.

The new definition is key to understanding how to study stocks and gain the Investor Advantage. This knowledge will be revealed in this site later. All of this is free information.

You have now been exposed to the root investor strategy that will give you the Investor Advantage over all other investors.

You still have much to learn about how this all works, and what fundamentals to look for that create high quality rocket stocks. This site will show you everything you need to become one of the top 3% penny stock investors - the extraordinary investor.

This site makes these strategies very easy to understand; yet, these very same strategies are hidden from most stock traders for reasons that have already been hinted at and will be revealed soon.

You have now completed this lesson:

The Investor Advantage

The next page provides for you some basic understanding of why technical trading does not work well with capturing explosive trends - the rocket stocks - so common among penny stocks. Once you understand this, you will know why most investors lose or make dismal profits trading rocket stocks.

You will make a fortune off the risks they take.

When You are ready... Please click on the following link:

Technical Trading NOT for Penny Stocks

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