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Explosive Trending Stocks are called Rocket Stocks

Personal Introduction by the author of this site:

My Vision

Explosive Trending Stocks - the rocket stocks of the penny stock market - long peaked my interest and curiosity.

My vision for myself was to consistently locate, plan, and harness the enormous profit potential of those explosive trending stocks. . . To get on board rocket stocks before their explosive trends begin, and then safely sell for explosive profits not found in any other investment.

If I could do this, then I knew I could make up for many past trading mistakes and gain the type of life I had long hoped faster than any other trading method or investment by far.



Open Your Mind

Feed Your Mind Properly

Accurate Knowledge is Proper Food

Most investors are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Knowledge to be a successful trader is what this site is all about.

Dismal Trading Success for over 20 years!

For over 27 years I've been researching and studying the stock market and investing in stocks.

I am intimately aware of how the penny stocks, in particular, enjoy huge percentage swings in value that most other securities lack. 5% to well over 300% explosive moves of rocket stocks elude most investors until it's too late.

Such stocks continued to keep my interest in stock trading despite 20 years of mediocre trading success.

Penny stocks - the Home of the Rocket Stocks commonly found in the Penny Stock Market

Penny Stocks by far, are well known by traders as the major source of all explosive trending stocks - the home of the rocket stocks. We all know this, but how to profit from such golden opportunities evades 97% of traders most of the time, but not for lack of trying.

I lacked solid direction for successful penny stock trading

For years I attempted to locate and invest in penny stocks before they exploded in value so I could:

  1. avoid the risks of the stock plunging after an upward trend
  2. take advantage of the full 5% to 300% move with little risk.

A mission impossible for me. . .

Thousands of penny stocks exist, over half of which are duds and/or victims of marketing schemes. Both duds and good sleeper penny stocks are commonly promoted by marketeers in pump and dump schemes and scams.

Trillions of dollars are lost by investors each year through penny stock promotion schemes alone. I was one of those victims of such marketeer schemes. . .

Victim of Marketeer Scams

Since I could not successfully invest in rocket stocks on my own, I began looking at other investment sites hoping for good advice or hot stock picks for such stocks.

Most who read this may be familiar with the scam marketeer promotions of software like stock robots, free to cheap stock lists, free or cheap stock picking newsletters and websites.

Some of these penny stock products and services are so cleverly worded that they are able to sell them for hundreds to thousands of dollars - information that only helps the marketeer and scam artists.

However, the real money marketeers make is accomplished by hypnotizing you to invest your life savings in a penny stock that is involved in one of their pump and dump scams. More on that in a later topic.

Technical Programs

In addition to the penny stock gimmicks just listed, you will find many sites promoting various technical algorithmic software and trend trading strategies. Such technical trading has been gaining popularity for years off of all the media hype surrounding technical trading.

Technical trading programs have merit with small cap and larger cap stocks. Micro and nano cap stocks (those stocks that do not make a profit) are a different animal requiring different strategies.

These sites promise successful trades off of trending stocks between 70% to 90% of the time. . .

All scams when used with penny stocks

None of these programs deliver consistent results. The losses outweigh any profitable trades made off such schemes. I found out the hard way by experience.

If such programs or lists could deliver what they promised then that would be big news, many people would become rich off of penny stocks, and such programs would make high salaried mutual fund managers obsolete. . .

Common sense I previously lacked. If any such programs really exist, I am not aware of them.

Searching for rocket stocks out of thousands seemed impossible

Researching the thousands of penny stocks for those with the highest probability of soon exploding in value appeared far too tedious and time consuming.

Stock screening software and technical analysis was of little help. I didn't know where to begin.

Even so, I thought of the huge profits and how my entire life could be transformed by successfully investing in explosive trending stocks, if such knowledge could even be had.

On the next page, you will learn how investment ideas for trending stocks developed into successful investment strategies.

This is a must read so that you will understand how such strategies work and to familiarize yourself with such strategies that the rest of this site will cover in more detail.

Remember, all this information is free and is all here for you.

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