Investment Ideas Crucial to Understand Successful Investment Strategies

Investment Ideas . . .

A New Beginning in the Right Direction

It wasn't until after 20 years of investing with mostly dismal results and much soul searching in my own life that my mind and heart were empty and ripe to rethink where my life was heading.

I thought many times of throwing in the towel.

As time passed though, I began to envision investment ideas that led to very specialized strategies of investing that could possibly be engineered to successfully locate and profit from penny stocks before they explode in value - to reap huge profits that can only be found in rocket stocks.

At the time, I was not aware of any existing system that could accomplish this feat consistently with success.

Even so, I had learned that a small percentage of penny stock traders were consistently earning huge profits from rocket stocks; so, I well knew that such penny stock investing could be done. They don't appear to be sharing their secret investment ideas on the net though.

I also understood that my perception of the market, investing, and penny stocks must be re-evaluated and re-invented to produce fresh and powerful investment strategies.

This has to be done, because what I currently understood about trading stocks was not enough to make such specialized investment strategies a reality. So, this was something I was finally willing to do.

Reprogramming my mind for success - breaking through the wall of tradition and media programming

In further evaluating my investment ideas for success, I realized I had to replace and re-define long standing investment rules and teaching promoted by mass media.

I had to re-program my mind for success in building investment strategies that work specifically for capturing rocket stock profits from penny stocks.

Developing investment strategies that Work - correct attitude in conducting my research. . .

I had nothing but time to develop this new system and experiment with it. And if it worked, then the time was well spent. I began to develop my new investment ideas. I tested everything first with paper trading of those stocks I located; then, I began real time trading.

Breaking some long-standing rules and definitions of Investment in order to Succeed - legally

Am I gambling? Technical traders, which make up most traders of securities, warn that trading on a potential explosive move in stocks before technical signals or patterns are fully revealed is foolishly risky.

For a long time this rule (while helpful) prevented my development of investment ideas for profiting from rocket stocks.

I now know that this rule is true for technical trading in most securities. Penny stocks, on the other hand, are a totally different animal with different rules - especially in capturing those explosive moves so common with penny stocks.

Technical traders don't understand this, which is why penny stocks will always remain high risk for them.

Investment Ideas: The Unique Penny Stock Animal

How are penny stocks a different animal?

This will all be explained as you continue your Journey.

Basically, the idea came to my mind that penny stocks are different because, unlike other stocks,

screening penny stocks for high quality potential rocket stocks cannot be done with stock screening software as can be done with other stocks.

Why? Quality penny stocks normally have no PE ratio to track, no profits, no products to sell, generally huge debt, minimal assets.

The real value of penny stocks are things like the management, intellectual property, patents, products under development, investment sources and interested VIP parties.

You can't track these penny stock qualities with stock screening software, yet these are the very fundamental qualities that create value for penny stocks.

• most any penny stock that is inactive for a while is not followed by most stock traders until exciting company news reaches the big news media sources. Therefore, little to no technical signals for a high potential explosive move until its happening. Too late! This is the common reality of rocket stocks.

• After marketeers are fully invested in their high potential target stocks, they begin promoting them to interested parties. The marketeers mass advertise their hot stock pics to their penny stock clients in the form of email newsletters and alerts, message board advice, blogs, and other social media channels.

What happens then is that the receivers of the good news rush like a hoard of pigs to place orders. The penny stock turns into a rocket stock without technical signals forewarning of such a huge trend.

• penny stocks are generally so thinly traded that even a small amount of trading activity over a short period of time can create an explosive trend instantly without any technical warning or in spite of a technical signal that shows just the opposite.

For these reasons, penny stocks are a different animal, and thus require different strategies to tap rocket stocks for explosive profits not seen in any other form of investment.

Investment Ideas: The Investor Advantage

The investment strategy foundation for Penny Stock Investing on which all other successful investment strategies are built is called the "Investor Advantage."

On the next page you will learn the first of my new secret investment strategies that turned out to be the turning point for me in my search for a method to capture the profits from that Penny Stock Animal. This will be a turning point for you as well.

"Investor Advantage" is an investment strategy that gives you, the investor, an unfair advantage over most other investors in penny stocks. This translates into unfair profits. Even so, this is completely legal.

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When You are ready please click on the following link that follows to learn about the Investor Advantage... Investor Advantage is an investment strategy that gives you, the investor, an unfair advantage over most other investors. This translates into unfair profits. Even so, this is completely legal.

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