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This topic called, Penny Stock Broker, will educate you about the different types of brokers and the services they offer.  All this is carefully displayed for you to help you make the best choice that meets your needs.  

Sub-topics covered under this topic:

  • full service brokers
  • direct access brokers
  • online brokers
  • discount broker benefits
  • discount broker - the search continues
  • self-directed trading
  • best discount brokers - the list
  • penny stock broker finalists

Except for "full service brokers," all the other subtopics listed above will be separately covered under their own sub-topic pages.

Critical Decision - the right stock broker

Choosing the best penny stock broker to meet your needs is a very critical and serious part of trading stocks; yet, many stock traders are stuck with brokers that are making them lose money.

Warnings will be given to you about broker charges that you definitely want to avoid, especially the extra charges for penny stock trading.

Other imperative information is provided such as the trading platform that is meant for you, and other charges, etc., to help your mind fully understand the choice you make as to the penny stock broker you become married to - for the better!

Please do not skip this topic

Please do not skip any of this information, even if you think you know all about stock brokers and penny stock brokers.  


Unbelievable as it may sound, many stock traders are stuck with stock brokers who do not quite meet their needs, and many do not even know it.  Had they received, and listened to, the proper guidance first, they would: 

  • not be stuck with the wrong broker
  • have a fulfilling and profitable experience trading penny stocks with the correct broker for them.
  • will not have to go through the difficulty, emotional trauma, time and expense of changing brokers.

This lack of proper planning and research for locating the best broker for them is similar to the same mistakes stock traders make when trading penny stocks, which is...

They do not fully study a stock they invest in against the essential fields of research to capture consistent low risk successful trades as this site is revealing to you.  

So, for your own sake, please take the 30 minutes or so of time necessary to read this information carefully and you willl:

  • not miss out on making hugely successful trades 
  • save yourself a huge chunk of money 
  • save yourself from months or years of anger and grief.

Many Different Stock Brokers

Over 150,000 brokers and broker firms exist offering a varying array of services in an attempt to best meet the needs of equity traders and to compete with each other for your business.  

In this topic, Penny Stock Broker, I will...

  • briefly explain the different types of stock brokers  
  • discuss and list the best of the best discount stock brokers
  • expose to you the most penny stock friendly stock brokers on the planet.  

All of this will be revealed to you within the these 7 pages of the topic.

Basic types of stock brokers - starting our search for Best penny stock broker for you

Stock brokers fall into one or more of 6 basic categories that overlap quite a bit:  

  1. Full Service Brokers
  2. Online Brokers
  3. Direct Access Brokers
  4. Full Service Brokers
  5. Discount Brokers
  6. Deep Discount Brokers

Most brokers these days are Online brokers that fall into 2 or more of the above categories.

On the following pages, I will give you a brief but very important review of brokers within 5 of the 6 categories of brokers as just outlined.

I will cover Full Service Brokers on this page.

The Penny Stock Broker Finalists

Lastly, after all research is complete, I will show you the finalists - those several stock brokers that I believe to be the best brokers for penny stocks for the Extraordinary Investor.  

Make the Right Choice - Study this topic carefully!

Once you have completed this study of stock brokers, no doubt will exist in your mind as to the stock broker you will require - the penny stock broker that is meant for you.  

You will have a choice of the right stock broker among the finalists listed, or you can find another one you feel better meets your needs.  

In any case, you will possess the essential information you need for your Search.  Then - to make that unregrettable decision as to which penny stock broker to go with. 

Each lesson is fairly short, so stick with me.  Don't give up now, we are almost to the finish line.

Full Service Brokers

Full Service Brokers are online, but many clients of full service brokers will call them for advice, or even visit them at their office. 

Such brokers provide the most advice, guidance, teaching, expertise, and help with stock trades.  

Such brokers are expensive to trade with, so are well suited for long-term traders with a large amount to invest.  

Novice Traders

Novice traders will benefit from the full-service brokers in extra help and guidance. Even so, if you are a novice, do not depend on your broker to make trading decisions for you.  


Broker stock advice is dismal and will slowly drain your principal or stop you from earning the big money that professional independent traders make.  This is the experience I had using full service brokers, and that is the general trend for other traders as well.

In addition, full-service brokers are generally not penny stock friendly.  They will not be of help for trading penny stocks. 

More than ever, full-service brokers are offering there services in an online trading format, but will help their clients by phone usually for an extra fee on top of commissions.

Full service brokers charge the most money for trades and for all other services - services that are increasingly offered by discount brokers for free or a very small fee.  

To stay competitive, a number of full service brokers have dramatically lowered their fees, and offer more online resources.

Even so, such brokers best serve the long-term investor with big pockets.

In summary

My advice to those studying this site for penny stock trading... stay away from full-service brokers.  

You have now completed this first of six short pages dedicated to choosing the right penny stock broker for you.

When you are ready, please continue onto the first subtopic of this topic - Penny Stock Brokers - called:

Direct Access Broker

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