Best Penny Stock Brokers
for 2015
List of Finalists

The List of the Four Best Penny Stock Brokers for 2015 are identified on this page.  

After reviewing all the best penny stock friendly brokers in April 2015, I find no significant changes that would alter the extreme value and trading experience of the best penny stock brokers I listed for 2014. 

This is THE penny stock broker List - the Finalists

On this page, I give you my list of brokers most suited for penny stock trading.  Even so, every stock trader is unique with different strategies.

Traders search for brokers that they feel best meets their needs.  The list provided on this page accommodates the unique factor of every trader while staying true to the search for those basic elements that make up the best penny stock brokers.

Unfortunately for many traders, the task of finding the right broker is usually more difficult then it may seem.  Traders are serious about searching for a broker.  

Many traders are just not quite able to isolate those stock broker traits that best meet their needs from all the bells and whistles highlighted by stock brokers.

Many traders seem to miss at least some of the restrictive penny stock policies of a seemingly super stock broker.

Whatever the case, traders are frequently upset over their choice of stock brokers over time.   Traders are upset because their brokers are not adequately addressing their trading goals - not a good fit.  

Such depressed traders then write bad reviews about the brokers they chose that did not meet their needs, as if the broker has problems and flaws.  Obviously the problem is not always with the broker.

This page will help you, the penny stock trader, avoid the headache of signing up with, and eventually cancelling your account with, the wrong broker for you.   

Credible certified self-service penny stock friendly stock brokers...

Many stock brokers exist that do not have your best interests at heart. My suggestion to you, from much experience, is to stick with the credible certified self-service discount brokers that are geared for the penny stock trader.  This topic on the best penny stock brokers is showing you how to do just that.

Customer Reviews

Glitches: Customer reviews don't tell the whole story.  Bad reviews will haunt a broker for years, forever bringing down their ratings.  The negatives, in many cases, were no doubt fixed long ago, but the negative reviews remain.  Obviously legitimate glitches occur. Keep this in mind when looking at reviews.

Negative Reviews: These are written by customers of stock brokers that did not meet their needs for various reasons.  These traders may have chose the wrong broker for them.  The stock broker may be an excellent choice for some other stock traders.

Some brokers obviously deserve negative reviews:  Those brokers with trading desks and tools that experience persistent instability issues, or those brokers that change their prices and/or policies after signing with them.  

Other brokers are greed driven and will find ways to nickle and dime you to death.  Obviously traders are not that stupid.  Stock broker reviews will reflect these negatives.  The broker will lose potential customers.

So, keep all this in mind as you review stock brokers and the comments left by unsatisfied traders when searching for the best penny stock brokers.

A stock broker that matches your needs...

What matters most in your search for the best penny stock brokers is two-fold:  

1)  What are the essential nearly universal traits to look for when searching for the best penny stock brokers? 

For instance, things to look for are: 

  • stability of trading platform 
  • low commissions
  • free streaming quotes
  • penny stock trading fees, restrictions, extra charges 
  • the trading desk is it intuitive, basic, effective, stable 
  • quirks in programs causing erros, stalling, freezing up issues 
  • speed of transactions 
  • self-service 
  • help available when needed at low cost or free

2) After searching for the best penny stock brokers, you then want to find out which of those super brokers is the best match, personally, for you.

You want to check for those extras that may be a deal-breaker for you after the best penny stock brokers are identified.  

You may have a special interest in

  • IRA, Roth and other savings plans.
  • checking account, money transfer fees.
  • live help.
  • learning tools.
  • more detailed technical tools.
  • more in-depth research tools.
  • etc.  

These deal-breakers will help you choose the right broker for you once the list of the all-around best penny stock brokers is identified.

The BEST of the Best Penny Stock Brokers for 2015 - The List

This page basically identifies the four best penny stock friendly brokers for this year: 2015

Once you view the list, it's up to you to do your own research for the broker that best meets your individual needs.  

Before we get to that list, please bare with me while I briefly prepare your mind for that list.  This is important, and won't take long to read....

Do NOT choose any stock broker that offers stock picks.  

Or, to rephrase this, "Do your own research."

In general, do not take suggestions from stock brokers on which stock to trade.  Don't let any broker trade on your account.  

When you take stock advice from brokers, you lose control of your own trading goals and your self-empowerment and your personal development.  Your thoughts become blurred and emotions become mixed.  You will begin to lose self confidence that will stunt your growth into a truly extraordinary investor.  

Keep in mind that, when you listen to a broker's advice on a stock, that you will likely find that the capital in your account is slowly dwindling away as you trade those stocks.  

The best penny stock brokers are those that are truly self-service with reasonable access to help when necessary - but do not ask for advice on which stock to trade.

You would be surprised how little most stock brokers know about trading stocks.  Sure they know the mechanics of how it's done, but most would not be brokers for long if they knew how to trade stocks correctly - profitably.  

Once you complete studying this site, then practice and gain experience trading the right way.  If you do this, then you will know more about successful trading most brokers ever hoped to know.

Dishonest Brokers

Other brokers are just plain dishonest, and will steer you into investments that are in their best interest, not yours.  So please... Do your own research.  

Once you are confident that you can make your own successful trading decisions, then you will be on the road to earning the money you hoped for from trading penny stocks.  Only then will this list of the best penny stock brokers be of most value to you.

The main object of having a broker account is to make money in the stock market utilizing the Investor Advantage

Your broker account is your connection or gateway to the market.   It's up to you to find a way to make money from that gateway.  


Millions of other investors are also trying to do the same thing - to make money from the market.  This site provides the Investor Advantage for you to be that successful investor by taking advantage of the risks most other investors take. 


The stock market is a dog eat dog world, and you will get eaten unless you are prepared above and beyond the average trader.  

You need the accurate knowledge that this site provides you so you possess the investor advantage over most other traders.  In this way you will indeed take advantage of the risks most other traders assume

You will need a broker that best meets your needs

You will find the included list of the four best penny stock brokers for 2015 to be invaluable in locating that best broker for you.

The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

To become a successful penny stock trader, you need the right broker for your needs.  Choose from the best penny stock brokers list I provide on this page, or search for your own.  Either way, this is imperative!

Just as important, you need to know how to trade correctly.  In this way, you become Master of Your Own Success, because no one else can be trusted to reach your personal goals but you.  

This site provides all you require to make your own decisions and take control of your investment goals.  That is the purpose of this site.  

This all spells personal empowerment over your investment goals.  And such strategy as just expressed will transform you into the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs.

The Four Best Penny Stock Brokers of 2015

- The Finalists

In light of these precautions, my four best penny stock brokers - the penny stock friendly finalists - are:

***TD Ameritrade (High End Discount Broker - Penny Stock friendly and very stable.)        

  • $9.99 flat for all trades            
  • $49.99 broker assisted trades     
  • No minimum opening balance
  • No maintenance or inactivity fees or volume requirements
  • Free real-time streaming and Level 2 quotes
  • Excellent trading tools, but difficult to learn how to use
  • Thinkorswim trading desk is Streaming Real-Time plus Level 2 at same flat $9.99 commission per trade
  • Very well respected and stable discount brokerage

TD Ameritrade is an excellent penny stock friendly broker well suited for those traders that love experimenting and trying new things, fitting various programs and strategies together, and to find what works and what doesn't.

TD Ameritrade is discriminative as to which penny stocks they will allow you to trade.  I believe they do this to protect their clients. You can still trade them, but you have to make the trade by phone.

nano-cap scam promoted stocks

Obviously, with this type of broker, you will not be able to take advantage of huge profit potential from nano-cap scam promoted stocks. But, then again, this site does not teach you how to do this. . . 

At a future time, I will offer such assistance to select members that have mastered the knowledge of this site.

My opinion:  Despite the safety restriction on some penny stocks and the very high broker assisted trades, this is  a very solid brokerage with few complaints.  Trade orders are executed fast.  

Their ThinkorSwim trading platform is top of the line with free streaming real-time quotes, level 2 quotes and charts - more than you will need to trade penny stocks as an extraordinary investor, but well suited for those who love to experiment and find what best works for them.

TD Ameritrade is probably the best trading experience for the money because of the quality of services and the stability of the broker and the stability and quality of its trading platform.  

Plus, any fees for extra services such as IRA, check writing and credit cards are reasonable. 

Still, TD Ameritrade has more resources in its trading desk than you will require as an extraordinary trader.  I would opt for a simple or basic trading desk that is intuitive and effective for locating and screening stocks.  That is my opinion - from someone who likes doing most of his stock research on the net. . .  

Even so, TD Ameritrade is one of the four best penny stock brokers on my list.

***optionsXpress (Best High End Discount Broker for Penny Stocks - very stable.)

  • $8.95 flat for all trades        
  • Broker Assisted Trades: $0           
  • Opening Balance: $0
  • No minimum opening balance. 
  • No maintenance or inactivity fees or volume requirements.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free Streaming Quotes
  • Easy to learn and use stock screening, charting and research tools
  • The screening, charting and research tools are very stable and effective
  • Trading Platform is very stable - no glitches
  • Free acct transfers
  • Free online classes
  • Virtual trading under "TOOLS", which shows dollars advancing, etc. 
  • No platform fees

My Opinion: This is the best stock broker for penny stock trading in my opinion for the new and seasoned penny stock trader alike.

OptionsXpress has learned well how to keep trader-customers for the long term... They do this by giving the investor what he/she requires to be a successful trader at a price he/she can afford without hidden fees.

. . . A trading experience that is stable, intuitive, effective, and affordable.  

No negatives to this broker, except they do not offer foreign stock trading.  But for the US stock market, this broker offers intuitive, stable and superb tools, platform and learning tools required for the penny stock the trader to help them succeed.  

The trading desk and tools are intuitive, and offer just what is needed for the penny stock trader.

Notice the free broker assisted trades, excellent customer service... even free online classes.  

In my opinion, this broker is doing everything right by focusing on the needs of all of its clients.

OptionsXpress is an obvious choice to place on my list of the four best penny stock brokers.


(2nd Best discount broker acct to use to trade Canadian Stocks or any foreign exchange.)

Not bad to use for US penny stocks at a flat rate of $8.95 per round trip trade.         

  • $4.95 per trade for stocks (excluding the OTC stocks)        
  • All OTC (OTCBB and Pink Sheets) stocks: $8.95
  • Broker Assisted Trades:  $4.95                   
  • Opening Balance: $1,000
  • Foreign Stock Exchange Fees $4.95 + 0.01 per share (no ECN or exchange fees) - I cannot find better rates for trading foreign stock exchanges except for Just2Trade.
  • No minimums. No maintenance fees.  No inactivity fees or volume requirements
  • Professional trading tools including depth and history of trading at different share prices.  
  • Customer reviews show that their Desktop Pro and web based platforms can be very slow and unstable.  This may not be the fault of the web based platform, but rather the quality of one's computer and/or speed of ones internet connection.
  • Quite a few reviews state that their platforms have bugs - things that go wrong.  Again, this may be due to the investor's computer quality and/or speed of internet connection.
  • Trading tools are difficult to learn how to use.
  • Opening an acct is very cumbersome.

My Opinion:  I will monitor their Desktop Pro for any changes to the instability issues mentioned.  I have, so far, had a smooth experience testing their trading platform.  But then, I have a very powerful computer and extra fast internet connection.

Obviously the trading tools and desktop need to be stable and more intuitive for the average trader.  Nevertheless, this broker is unique in its low cost offering of foreign stocks.  

While the trading tools are not very intuitive, once learned, they are a nice set tools at no extra cost.

When I view all the stock brokers today, I could not help but list as one of the four best penny stock brokers today.



Parent company "WhoTrades, Inc"  acquired Just2Trade from the former parent company, "Success Trade Securities, Inc." 

The Founder, CEO and President, Fuad Ahmed of Success Trade Securities, was accused of a fraudulent Ponzi Scheme that in no way affected the trading or trading accounts of Just2Trade. . .

On June 25 2014 the case was resolved when the FINRA hearing panel expelled Washington, D.C. based Success Trade Securities, Inc. from membership and barred its CEO and President, Fuad Ahmed, for the fraudulent sale of promissory notes and for creating a Ponzi scheme.


Despite this bad news, the operation of Just2Trade, the trading experience, and its customers continued business as usual.

WhoTrades Inc. acquired Success Trades Securites on April 6, 2015... Just2Trade continues to operate smoothly under this new global brokerage firm.


About WhoTrades Inc. . .

WhoTrades, Inc. is a global brokerage FINRA brokerage firm founded in 2010, and is based in New York.  WhoTrades itself is dedicated to deep discount broker services, and includes a chat service.  WhoTrades offers a unique technology platform that is extremely stable, reliable and secure, allowing its customers to trade with peace of mind.

While this fraud case was terribly unfortunate, Just2Trade, I believe that they are in a better position than ever to serve its clients.  All those holding accounts with Just2Trade have continued to trade as usual.  

Just2Trade continues as a viable broker option, and is one of the best penny stock brokers in my opinion.  And here is why I say that....


1)  BEST Deep Discount Broker for Penny Stock Trading for the knowledgeable and successful penny stock trader - the extraordinary investor.

2)  Best discount broker for Canadian Stocks and other foreign stocks.

  • $2.50 flat for all trades. Commissions include broker assisted trades, all order types, unlimited shares.
  • For stocks priced less than $1.00, add $0.003 per share for the entire order. Maximum commission per order not to exceed $5.50, with minimum commission of $2.50.
  • A commission of $4.00 per trade will apply to accounts below the minimum $2,500 balance requirement.
  • Just2Trade passes through ECN fees, as well as standard Regulatory and Exchange transaction fees, which means you don't pay them. 
  • $2.00 broker assisted trades. 
  • Broker-assisted trades placed directly on a foreign exchange (including Canada) cost $2.50 per trade plus a $75.00 foreign transaction.  

NOTE: Although the $75 may seem high per trade for foreign stocks. Remember that mbtrading charges 0.01 cents per share which is the lowest fee anywhere EXCEPT for Just2Trade.  Consider the huge fees you will pay at 1 cent per share commission! . . .  

For instance only 30,000 shares X .01 cents = $300.  Or 50,000 shares X .01 cent = $500. Which would you rather pay? $75 flat fee for all foreign stock trades? or $300/$500 per share order?

If you think 30,000 shares is an extreme number of shares to trade at one time, or would be too rich for your blood, consider that many good penny stocks in Canada (especially mining stocks) trade between 7 cents and 20 cents. . .  

10 cents per share X 30,000 shares = only $3000.  This is common.

Keep in mind that Canadian Penny Stocks - especially mining shares - are the best you can find anywhere.

  • $2,500 minimum equity balance that must be maintained to use the Just2Trade Trading Desk
  • No maintenance or inactivity fees
  • Free real-time streaming quotes and charts
  • Just2Trade Trader Desk and Trading tools are interactive, stable, best for penny stock traders the Extraordinary way; easy to master, with illustrated instructions.  


Other pluses:

  • The Just2Trade Trading Desk is intuitive/easy to learn and stable. Plus they offer learning tools for their trading desk.  All of these tools and the whole trading desk is really quite simple to understand (very intuitive).  So, going through all kinds of instructions and training to use them is not necessary.
  • Pretty good stock screening tool and great real-time streaming charts with the ability to place trades directly from the charts.
  • Nice real-time stock watchlist feature with the ability to place trades directly from the watchlist.
  • The ability to place logical orders (Many brokers do not have this feature). The logical orders are at no extra charge, and are easy to learn and use on this site.  Everything is fully explained in easy to understand language in a caption box just by placing the curser over a link word. No extra cost to place logical orders.
  • Fastest Fill Orders in the Industry with Time Stamped Trade Orders. All trade orders are time-stamped to the millisecond - rare among brokers; this eliminates any broker fraud issues.
  • Trades executed quickly within 1.6 seconds average on stock exchanges. Average for all brokers is about 7 seconds.
  • Free Real-Time streaming charts which can be tailored to your individual needs utilizing 60 different technical indicators, and an array of drawing tools to analyze trends.  These charts empower you with the ability to trade your stocks directly from the charts.


Serious complaints regarding account balance errors and GTC orders were due to major upgrades.  

Clients were warned of these issues, and such were taken care of within a day.  The chances are greater for a brokerage to get a bad review then a good review if something goes wrong.  And that is what has happened with Just2Trade.  Unfortunately, those bad reviews remain on stock list sites indefinitely, even though corrected long ago, which is unfortunate.

In light of the response letter from Mr. Christian Baez of the Just2Trade media department, the account balance errors are not due to instability issues with the Just2Trade platform, but rather are the result of major upgrades. And the errors were fixed the same day - and clients were informed of this.  Same is true for the GTC orders.  

The "balances" section of the broker account does not look messy at all as one review stated.  Evidently whoever wrote that review did not understand the difference between trade balance and actual account value, which is similar to how TD Ameritrade displays an account balance.  

In April 2013 Just2Trade eliminated a service it was using to provide the data for tax purposes.  The reasons are not quite clear to me.  That issue was resolved.

Blue Button Pass Code 6th Digit:   e


My Opinion: 

just2trade is the best trading experience (foreign and domestic stocks) for the extraordinary investor - those pennystock traders who know how to trade penny stocks successfully.  

Traders who enjoy researching penny stocks via the internet will benefit most from this trading firm.  I personally am a strong believer in the internet search and study of stocks.

just2trade definitely earns a spot on my list of one of the four best penny stock brokers today.

You have now completed this study of:  

Best Penny Stock Brokers for 2015

When you are ready, please turn to the next lesson called:

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