Investor Traits
that Create Millionaires

Investor Character traits are important influences on all other investor traits you develop:

As I write this, the date is now November 11, 2015.  At this point in my life, and considering the unstable economy and world conditions, I've had to adapt my trading tempo to take advantage of smaller spurts in share prices of the far more cautious traders.  I also hold some stocks longer term for far higher returns.  

As much as I desire to spend 3 to 7 hours a week researching good stocks to invest in, presently I am spending more time researching and investing than that, because I am more actively trading to take advantage of smaller spurts.

I presently make about 80 to 100 trades per year and at least earning 65% on my total investment per year. As I mentioned before, I am currently trading more very quick in and out trades (within the day to a couple weeks round trips).  I am trading all time historically low priced high potential, high quality penny stocks under $1.00 with novel products in development.

The investments I make for each of these type of stocks and trades varies, but are far smaller than usual to account for the lower volume of trading and smaller market cap.  This I do to insure I am able to sell all or most of my shares at the appropriate time. 

I do not have the ambition at present to devote more time to investing. Too many other things on my agenda at present. But if I did, I know I could quadruple or far more my investments per year.

I am well aware that some of the 1% or less who actually complete studying this site and use it to invest will do far better than the 3% to 30% per trade. Many will possess the mental stamina and ambition to research stocks for far longer periods of time and make far more trades per year.

Your character does play a significant role, but you can greatly influence and even train your character by developing successful extraordinary habits.

Any investor with even under-developed investor traits will eventually be fortunate enough to invest in stocks that explode in value for a return of 10, 50 to even 500 times the investment. That is bound to happen sooner or later to you simply because you are investing in explosive trending type stocks.

Eventually all of you who continue using this information to trade will make very huge profits off of some of those stocks you invest in. That is bound to happen sooner or later.

Obviously the "informed effort" you put into investing will be rewarded with much improved investor habits and traits that will result in far more profits on your investment. You must seriously apply the information on this site. The penny stock market rewards those who study and get to know it.

Reading Between the Lines is a special investor trait

The information on this site is sound and works as stated. As your experience level increases you will learn by that experience how to properly gauge or feel the penny stock market and the sector of stocks you are specializing in and investing in within the greater economy.

Eventually you will actually develop one of the most extraordinary investment traits - the ability to read between the lines - fundamentals that have not yet been printed and profit tremendously from. This will all be discussed in more detail later, but your mind is already being developed to receive this info from what hints have already been provided in previous pages.

I also include one good scenario of this under one of the three products I offer later on. The scenario is not necessary to study, but may be of help to comprehend how this works.

The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing

The most powerful investment trait/talent/strategy is called the Mysterious Sixth Sense of Successful Penny Stock Investing.

This investor trait is similar to Reading Between The Lines and includes that, but is more far-reaching. It's the ability or talent to accurately discern the potential of a stock to explode in value in the near future.

This trait requires good study habits and seasoned experience researching and investing in penny stocks using all the extraordinary investment strategies revealed on this site.

Your mind has to practice and grow into this new method of investing and this new journey for your life.

Through correct practice and experience, you will develop winning investor traits. And this will spell growing profits for you with less time and effort if you stick with it.

This is not difficult to do, I give you my word. Even so, I suggest you take baby steps at first, so you learn how to walk into this extraordinary method of trading.

You have the Investor Advantage above all others!

You are relying on this site for help while many educated and learned investors will scoff at anything that thinks that it knows more than they do.

The fact is, most schooled investors don't make money in the market. Rather, they become teachers, brokers, or involved in other investment services. Most end up getting jobs like this because they cannot actually invest profitably.

You will not be disappointed! You will put them all to shame.

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Investor Traits that Create Millionaires

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